Saturday, November 19, 2011

Duggar Family

Hey everyone. The next set of baby names I am going to do is the names of the Duggar kids. The Duggars are a family with 19 kids and number 20 on the way. So here are their names:
  1. Joshua James- I think is an ok name.
  2. Jana Marie- Such a pretty name
  3. John-David- I think this name is a little boring.  
  4. Jill Michelle- I really like the name Jill but I prefer the name Jillian with the nickname Jill better.
  5. Jessa Lauren- Different then Jessica, which is good and you don’t hear this name a lot.
  6. Jinger Nicole- This is probably the name I like the least out of their names.
  7. Joseph Garret- a name you here a little too much and is a little dated.
  8. Josiah Matthew- A nice biblical name
  9. Joy-Anna- I really like this name, especially the Joy part.
  10. Jedidiah Robert- The only time I here this name was from the show
  11. Jeremiah Robert- I’m not a fan of this name to much and think that it is a little much with Jedidiah.
  12. Jason Michael- A typical plain name but still nice.
  13. James Andrew- Another name that is nice but too plain for me.
  14. Justin Samuel- I don’t like this name to much and it reminds me of the show, Wizards of Waverly Place.
  15. Jackson Levi- Cute name and I like the nickname Jack.  
  16. Johannah Faith- It is one of my top 5 names form the Duggar family.  
  17. Jennifer Danielle- A little dated now and when they used it.
  18. Jordyn-Grace Makiya- I like the name Jordyn but spelled Jordan
  19. Josie Brooklyn- Josie is a cute nickname for the name Josephine, which I like a lot, but not on its own
Josh is married to Anna and they have two kids, Mackynzie and Michael. Personally I like that some of their names are a little out there such as Jedidiah and Jinger. I also think that some of their names are cute like Jordyn and Johannah. Now I am going to give some suggestions on what they should name their 20th baby.
  1. Jaycee
  2. Jolie
  3. Jubilee
  4. June
  5. Jade
  1.  Judah
  2.  Jonas
  3. Julian
  4. Jacob
  5. Jeffrey
So there are my suggestions. What do you think that they might name their 20th child? Leave a comment and let me know, bye. 

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