Friday, November 25, 2011

Light Baby Names

This quick list is names that mean light and their origin. Some of the names have meanings that have the word light in them and their meanings are in parenthesis.
  1. Helena- Greek
  2. Alena- Slavic
  3. Lucy- English
  4. Nelly-English
  5. Lumen- Latin (Measure of light)
  6. Lucia- Italian
  7. Lana- Slavic
  8. Lenora- Spanish
  9. Eliora- Hebrew (My God is My Light)
  10. Aura- Latin (Glowing Light)

  1. Elian- Spanish
  2. Luciano- Italian
  3. Lucius- Latin
  4. Barak- Hebrew (Lightening)
  5. Apollo- Greek (Greek and Roman god of light)
  6. Uriel- Hebrew (God is My Light)
  7. Eron- Hebrew (Enlightened)
  8. Horus- Egyptian (God of Light)
  9. Lucifer- Hebrew (Bringer of Light)
  10. Lucilius- Latin

So there is my list I hope you liked it. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Bye for now.  

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