Saturday, November 12, 2011

My 10 Favorite Girl Names Not In The Top 1000

Hey everyone. My first baby name post is going to be about my top 10 favorite girl names that are not in the top 1000 chart. You can find that chart at So let’s get started:
1. Monroe- Monroe is a unisex name but I love it on a girl. It is of Irish origin and means from the hill. The first time I started to really like the name is when I heard that Mariah Carey named her daughter Monroe. You can use the nicknames Roe/Ro or Monny. I like Roe/Ro the best.
2.  Lilika- Lilika is a Hungarian name that means lily. I think that this name is a great alternative to the names Lily, Lillian, or any other Lily names that are common. If you like the name Lily but think that it is too popular for your liking you can use Lilika and call her Lily.
3. Romilly- Romilly means From a French Place Name and is of English origin. I think it is a very adorable name. I feel as if it could be trendy because of the name Emily, Miley and the other names that end in the “Lee” sound. Some nicknames you could use with it are Roma, or Rome. You could even use Milly.
4. Clayne- Clayne is a unisex name that means town near Clay Land. It is of English origin. I like Clayne because it reminds me of Lainey and Lainey is one of my favorite nicknames. Clayne would make a very good middle name because it is one syllable and goes with many names.   
5. Analia- Analia is a Hebrew name that means merciful. I think Analia because I feel as if it is an elegant name and very, very girly. If you like the name Anna or any of the Anne names then I think you will like this name. it also has a good spin on the name Leah, which is so popular right now.
6. Kersey- Kersey has its origins in the Old English language and is a form of the English name Carsey. It may possibly mean Watercress Island or dry land in marsh. I think that Kersey is a cute and upbeat name. You would have to be brave to use it but I still think it is a somewhat usable name.
7.  Ellery- Ellery is yet another Unisex name on this list. It has a very positive meaning and that is cheerful. It is of English origin. If you like any of the Elle name you most likely would like this name. When I hear Ellery I think of a cute little blonde haired girl with bows in her hair. You called can her Ellie if you like.
8. Madigan- Madigan is an Irish name. The meaning of it is not so good. It means dog or mastiff. Madigan is a great alternative to the names Madison and Madelyn, which are popular now days. You could call her Maddy if you so please.
9. Ayala- Ayala is a Hebrew name that means female deer or doe. You could use this name as an alternative to the name Ayla, which is ranked at number 351 in 2010. I like all of the A’s in the name and that it ends in a.  
10. Evaly- there is not much information on the name Evaly. There were only 5 girls named Evaly in 2010 I think is a cute name and sounds girly. You could call her Eva. You caould also use Evaly as a full name for Eva.
So there is my list of unpopular baby names for girls. I hope you like it and stay tune for the boys list.

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  1. Fascinating list! I really like the name Romilly - she reminds me of Emily in a way.

  2. @Lou @ Mer de Noms

    That is the first thing I though of when I heard the name!



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