Saturday, May 19, 2012

MLB Series: Houston Astros

Hey guys, I’m back again. This time it is going to be the Houston Astros for the MLB baby names. Let’s get started.
  1. Wesley- This name is for Wesley Wright. He is number 53, a pitcher, and 27 years old. Wesley means from the westfield in English. I like Wesley and the nicknamesWes and West.
  2. Wilton- This name is for Wilton Lopez. He is number 59, a pitcher, and 29 years old. Wilton means from the farm by the spring or by willows in English. I like Wilton because of the Ton at the end.
  3. Jed- This name if for Jed Lowrie. He is number 4, an infielder and 28 years old. Jed means friend of God in American. I like this name as a nickname for Jedidiah.
  4. Marwin- This name is for Marwin Gonzalez. He is number 70, an infielder and 23 years old. Marwin means sea friend in Welsh. I like Marwin because it sounds better than Marvin to me.
  5. Sergio- This name is for Sergio Escalona. He is number 52, a pitcher, and 28 years old. Sergio means an servant in Italian. I love Sergio as a guilty pleasure name.
  6. Enerio- This name is for Enerio Del Rosario. He is number 66, a pitcher and 27 years old. Enerio means January in Spanish. I like this name a lot. It sounds so cool.
  7. Rhiner- This name is for Rhiner Cruz. He is number 73, a pitcher, and 26 years old. Rhiner means judgment warrior; deciding warrior in Old German. I like Rhiner because it ends in er.

  1. Lee- This name is for Carlos Lee. He is number 45, an outfielder, and 36 years old. Lee means field in English. I like Lee as a nickname or a middle name.
  2. Happ- This name is for J.A. Happ. He is number 30, a pitcher and 30 years old. Happ means fortune. I like Happ because it is short and sweet.

So that is my list. I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :).

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