Saturday, May 19, 2012

MLB Series: Kansas Royals

This is yet another MLB baby name blog. This time it is Kansas Royals. So let’s get started.
  1. Broxton- This name is for Jonathan Broxton. He is number 51, a pitcher, and 28 years old. I couldn’t find any information on the name Broxton. I like Broxton because it is so close to Braxton.
  2. Lorenzo- This name is for Lorenzo Cain. He is number 6, an outfielder, and 26 years old. Lorenzo means Laurel in Italian. I like Lorenzo because it sounds very masculine to me.
  3. Everett- This name is for Everett Teaford. He is number 61, a pitcher and 28 years old. Everett means wild boar herd in English. Everett is alright but I don’t like Ever as a nickname.
  4. Humber- This name is for Humber Quintero. He is number 33, a catcher and 33 years old. Humber means bright in Spanish.
  5. Felipe- This name is for Felipe Paulino. He is number 59, a pitcher and 29 years old. Felipe means horse lover in Spanish. I like Felipe. It sounds cool.
  6. Kelvin- This name is for Kelvin Herrera. He is number 40, a pitcher, and 23 years old. Kelvin means a river of Scotland in Scottish. I like Kelvin because it begins with a k and because it sounds better than Kevin to me.

  1. Holland- This name is for Greg Holland. He is number 56, a pitcher and 27 years old. Holland means land on the ridge in American. I am loving this name right now. It is my favorite place name.
  2. Pena- This name is for Brayan Pena. He is number 27, a catcher, and 30 years. Pena is a Kurdish name. I like Pena because it is like Rena, and Lena.

So that is my list I hope you like it. Comment and let me know what you think. Bye :).

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