Saturday, May 19, 2012

MLB Series: Los Angeles Angels

I have another blog in the MLB baby name series. This time it is going to be the Los Angeles Angels. So let’s get started.

  1. Vernon- This name is for Vernon Wells. He is number 10, an outfielder, and 34 years old. Vernon means alder tree in English. Vernon is alright but not really my style.
  2. Peter- This name is for Peter Bourjos. He is number 25, an outfielder and 25 year old. Peter means rock in Greek. I really like Peter. It is an old favorite of mine.
  3. Ervin- This name is for Ervin Santana. He is number 54, a pitcher and 30 years old. Ervin means person form Irvin, Scotland in English. I don’t really like this name.
  4. Kendrys- This name is for Kendrys Morales. He is number 8, an infielder, and 29 years old. I couldn’t find any information on the name Kendrys. I like how cool this name is.
  5. Maicer- This name is for Maicer Izturis. He is number 13, an infielder and 32 years old. I couldn’t find any info on Macier. I thought it was cool and I liked that it ends in a er.
  6. Jerome- This name is for Jerome Williams. He is number 57, a pitcher, and 31 years old. Jerome means holy name in Latin. This name has really been growing on me. I am really liking it.
  7. David- This name is for David Pauley. He is number  35, a pitcher, and 29 years old. David means beloved in Hebrew. I like this name as a middle name and has some meaning to me.

  1. Santana- This name is for Ervin Santana. He is number 54, a pitcher and 30 years old. Santana means holy in Spanish. I really like Santana. It sounds exotic and girly at the same time.
  2. Ryan- his name is for Ryan Langerhans. He is number 39, an outfielder, and 32 years old. Ryan means king in Irish. I like this name on a girl but know so many Ryans that are boys that I could never use it.

So that is my list. I hope you like it. Comment and tell me what you think. Bye :).

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