Saturday, May 19, 2012

MLB Series: Colorado Rockies

Hey everyone. Today I am going to do another blog in the MLB baby name series. Today’s team is the Colorado Rockies. So let’s get started.
  1. Rex- This name is for Rex Brothers. He is number 49, a pitcher, and 25 years old. Rex means king in Latin. I have really been loving Rex lately. The first time I heard it on a person was on the show downsized and that is when it spiked my interest.
  2. Esmil- This name is for Esmil Rogers. He is number 48, apitcher, and 27 years old. I wasn’t able to find anything on the name Esmil. I though this name was cool. I like the way it sounds.
  3. Dexter- This name is for Dexter Fowler. He is number 24, an outfielder, and 26 years old. Dexter means dyer of clothes in English. I love Dexter because of the x and because it sounds cool.
  4. Edgmer- This name is for Edgmer Escalona. He is number 61, a pitcher, and 26 years old. I couldn’t find information on the name Edgmer. I liked how different this name was. It sounds almost like Edgar.
  5. Jonathan- This name is for Jonathan Herrera. He is number 18, an infielder, and 28 years old. Jonathan means God has given in Hebrew. I have liked this name for some time now and love the nickname John.
  6. Colvin- This name is for Tyler Colvin. He is number 21, an outfielder, and 27 years old. Colvin means black in English. I like Colvin because it sounds so much like Collin but it sounds cooler to me.

  1. Wilin- This name is for Wilin Rosario. He is number 20, a catcher and 23 years old. I couldn’t find anything on this name either. I like Wilin because of the Lin at the end. It sounds cool.
  2. Drew- This name is for Drew Pomeranz. He is number 13, a pitcher, and 24 years old. Drew means manly in English. I like Drew on a girl but also on a boy. Jessica Simpson just named her daughter Maxwell Drew.
  3. Blake- This name is for Casey Blake. He is number 7, an infielder and 39 years old. Blake means pale blond one or dark in English. I like Blake on a girl but it has been growing on me as a boy name.

So that is my list. I hope you like it. Don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think. I am also hoping on getting more blogs out so stay tune. Bye:).

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