Saturday, May 19, 2012

MLB Series: Detroit Tigers

Hey everyone. I am going to do another blog in the MLB baby name series. Today’s team is the Detroit Tigers. Let’s get started.

  1. Octavio- This name is for Octavio Dotel. He is number 20, a pitcher, and 39 years old. Octavio means eighth in Latin. I like Octavio because of the exotic sound it has.
  2. Clete- This name is for Clete Thomas. He is number 36, an outfielder, and 29 years old. Clete means glory in Greek. I like this name because of the way it sounds. It sounds so cool.
  3. Brayan- This name is for Brayan Villarreal. He is number 30, a pitcher, and 25 years old. Brayan is American and is a combination of Brayden and Bryan. I like this name because it isn’t Brayden, which is popular or Brandon which is a little dated.
  4. Jacob- This name is for Jacob Turner. He is number 50, a pitcher, and 21 years old. Jacob means supplanter in Hebrew. I like this name but it is too popular for me.
  5. Prince- This name is for Prince Fielder. He is number 28, an infielder, and 28 years old. Prince means royal son in Latin. I like this name in a Guilty pleasure kind of way.
  6. Brennan- This name is for Brennan Boesch. He is number 26, an outfielder, and 27 years old. Brennan means tear in Irish. I really like Brennan because it isn’t Brendan, which is a little dated.
  7. Delmon- This name is for Delmon Young. He is number 21, an outfielder and 27 years old. Delmon means of the mountain in English. I like this name because of the Del part.

  1. Kelly- This name is for Don Kelly. He is number 32, an outfielder, and 32 years old. Kelly means bright-hearted in Irish. I like this name but can’t decide if it is too common for me.
  2. Inge- This name is for Brandon Inge. He is number 15, an infielder, and 35 years old. Inge means belonging to Ing in Scandinavian. This would make a nice nickname or middle name.

So that is my list. I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think. Bye :). 

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