Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Rare" G Boy Names

Hey guys! I’m back with a new post! Before I get to the post I have a few things to update you about.

First this blog has a facebook page! Go over and like it. I will be posting all different things, like names I hear, and sibsets.
Second I want to direct you over to a name blog. It was started by some girls on formspring and I would love it if you checked it out.

Now on to the post. I am going to do the “Rare” G boy names. This isn’t a long list of names. So let’s get started.

  1. Galen- Galen’s sister would be Livia and his brother would be Avery. Galen means calm in Greek. It’s a nice name but sounds a little feminine to me.
  2. Gannon- Marley would be Gannon’s sister and Dawson would be his brother. Gannon means fair-skinned in Irish. I love the name Gannon! I first heard it on 16 and Pregnant and fell in love!
  3. Gareth- Emlyn would be his sister and Rhys would be his brother. Gareth means gentle in Welsh. I really like Gareth. It sounds exotic and cute.
  4. Garth- Garth’s sister would be Winona and his brother would be Judd. Garth is a Scandinavian name that means keeper of the garden. Garth is a cute one symbol name that I would like as a middle name.
  5. Gene- Roberta is Gene’s sister and Donald is his brother. Gene means well-born, noble in Greek. I don’t like the name Gene at all.
  6. Geoffrey- Holly and Brent would be Geoffrey’s siblings. Geoffrey is a German name that means peace. I much prefer the spelling Jeffrey and even with that spelling I don’t like the name.
  7. Gerald- Anita would be Gerald’s sister and Stuart would be his brother. Gerald means spear ruler in German. I feel like this name is too grand for a boy but makes a perfect name for an adult.
  8. Gibson- Della and Bowman would be Gibson’s siblings. Gibson is an English name that means son of Gilbert. I love the name Gibson! It is one of my favorite G names for boys.
  9. Giles- Rowena would be Giles’s sister and Basil would be his brother. Giles means small goat in Greek. I think Giles is a fresh name to Miles but it reminds me of fish too much.
  10. Glyn- Glyn’s sister would be Lise and his brother would be Keir. Glyn is an Irish and Welsh name that means glen; valley of water. I don’t really like Glyn because of the Lyn part. It makes it look girly.
  11. Gus- Reba would be Gus’s sister and Ned would be his brother. Gus means worthy of respect in Latin. I love Gus as a nickname for August but I don’t like it on its own.
  12. Guy- Guy would have a sister named Rosa and a brother named Clark. Guy means wood in German. I don’t like Guy because it just sounds like a nickname.

So those were the “rare” G boy names. G is kind of a strange letter to me but I still like some of the names. Don’t forget to like the facebook page and visit the blog. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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  1. My favorites from these are:
    ~ Galen (I also like Avery)
    ~ Gannon
    ~ (I like Anita)
    ~ (I love Rowena and like Basil)
    ~ (I like Keir but prefer the spelling Ciar)
    ~ (I like Rosa and Clark)

    Most of these aren't really my thing. My favorite G names for boys are Gethin, Geth, Gabriel, Griffin, Garwyn, and Gwydderig [gwih-THAYR-ihk] =D

    1. I really like Gethin, Geth, and Gabriel



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