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"Rare" K Girl Names

Sweet Baby Kateri!
Hello! I am back!!! I'm not \sure how long I will be back but I am going to work my absolute best to post as much as I can. I know the last time I posted was over a month ago and before that I had not been posting regularly. I would like to apologize for that. I was finishing my senior year and getting ready for graduation. I really had no time to do much of anything. This whole time I have been thinking about my blog and how much I missed posting! The only problem I had was I had no time! Not that summer is here and in full swing I think I will have time to post more. I so have a lot planned for the summer so I don't think I will be posting regularly.

As for today's post I have the "rare" K names for girls! I was actually shocked that there weren't a lot of names! I was expecting more! So K is one of my favorite letters for names. Let's see what K names we have on the list!

  • Meaning- pure and torture
  • Origin- Greek
  • Siblings- Winema and Vitus
I really enjoy this name. I feel like it is different but not too different it be used. In the last year a woman by the name of Kateri Tekakwitha was named a saint. I believe that brought the name more attention. My favorite nickname if Teri (tear-ee).

Katia (KAHT-ye)
  • Meaning- pure
  • Origin- Greek
  • Siblings- Anya and Dimitri
I love this name! It sounds very grand and has a beautiful feel to it. I like the fact that you could use it as a name to honor a Katherine or Kate but still use something unique. If you wanted to you could use the nickname Kate.

  • Meaning- pure
  • Origin- Greek
  • Siblings- Sue and Ted
Kay is a great nickname and very simple. It can be used for any K name really. I often see it used as a nickname for Kayla or Katherine. I can really only picture this name on a grandmother, though.

  • Meaning- Her Life
  • Origin- American
  • Siblings- Tasha and Kelvin
I'm not really a fan of the name Keisha. It really isn't a name go for but I still think it is pretty.

  • Meaning- black
  • Origin- Irish
  • Siblings- Staci and Brent
I went to school with a girl named Kerri for 4 years. I always thought her name was pretty. It's a very Irish name too. A lot of Kerri's are called Kerri Ann, which is a pretty name too.

Kia (KEE-uh)
  • Meaning- Pet form of Kiana
  • Origin- English and Swedish
  • Siblings- Tai and Teo
I love Kia! I don't like it as a nickname for Kiana but just on its own. It's a much less popular name than Mia but still has the same feel. Kia is also a name I can see on all nationalities.

  • Meaning- New beginning, new life
  • Origin- French, Spanish, German
  • Siblings- Britt and Zeke
Kiki makes a sweet nickname but I don't like it on its own. It's does sound like it belongs on a pet. I do like the quirky sound it has.

  • Meaning- Short for Kim- names like Kimball and Kimberly
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Beth and Greg
I'm not a fan of Kim. It sounds dates to me. I don't think I have heard a children under the age of 12 named Kim. If Kim was to be used I would much prefer it used as a nickname.

So there you have the K girl names! There was quite a few nicknames on the list and a lot of the names that really weren't that "rare". I would have to say that my favorite names were Kateri and Kia.

What are your favorite K names for girls?
What are your favorite nicknames?
What is one name you like that is out dated? 

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