Friday, June 21, 2013

Mom Interview: Rebecca and Callum

Hey all! Today is Friday and also the next Mom Interview! I haven't done a Mom Interview in a while. I am glad to be back to them and hope to interview more moms. This time is a friend of mine that I meet through Formspring. Her name is Rebecca but she also goes by Rebe. She has a sweet little boy names Callum and I loved hearing how she choose her name. So let's get started.

A sweet baby Callum! Rebe's Callum is in my header above!

What is your baby's name (Include middle if you like)?
Callum Donovan

Do you have any nicknames you use?
He has SO many nicknames but none really have to do with his name.  He has been called C-dog, Pip, Baby Blue and many more.  Now that he has teeth on the bottom Brant calls him upside down beaver... Hahaha.

What names did you have picked out for the other gender?
We had hardly any names picked out if he had been a girl.  I hadn't liked many girl names but we liked Stella, Clara, Violet, Isla. 

Was the baby named after anyone? If so, who?
No, he wasn't named after anyone.  We wanted to give him his own unique name and would have way too many people to honour if we did

Did you know the meaning before you choose the name?
I did!  Callum means dove which is the symbol of love and peace.  It helped that I really love the name anyway haha.

Who helped in picking the name?
All of the formspring baby naming community! haha.  Brant helped a bit but basically just saying what names he didn't like. We had Declan, Theodore, Finley and Oliver picked out as well and he liked Callum the best (and so did I).

Did you use a book or website to help pick the names?
Formspring helped A LOT and name berry of course was a website I was on daily.

Is there anything you would like to add about how you named your baby?
I really wanted his middle name to be Reid but I decided that I would let Brant pick the middle name.  He was okay with Reid but later on changed his name to Donovan so most people are still unaware that Callum's name is not Reid and it is actually Donovan. 

Thank you Rebe for doing the name interview! I loved hearing how you choose Callum's name. If anyone would like to be interviewed, leave a comment below or email me at I am looking for moms or dads to interview. 

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