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"Rare" K Boy Names

Handsome Keane!
Hey guys! I'm back again! I know I took a little bit of a break but I was thinking that I would get into a schedule. I haven't decide what days I want to post on besides Friday. I'll post at least two times a week, if not more.

So let's get on with the post! Today is the "rare" K boy names. I was quite surprised at how few boys names there were for the list.

Keane (KEEN)
  • Meaning- fighter; sharp, keen wit or eye
  • Origin- Irish, and English
  • Siblings- Bryce and Egan
I love the sound of Keane but the spelling could be confusing. I really don't like the spelling. I think I would spell it Keen, although it doesn't look too pretty. Keane would make a prefect middle name! It's one syllable and a lot of popular middle names are one syllable.

  • Meaning- strife, war
  • Origin- Irish
  • Siblings- Colleen and Shannon
I much prefer Kelly on a girl. The only Kelly's I have ever met have been girls and I think that is why I prefer Kelly on a girl. Although I prefer Kelly on a girl, I would be really happy to see it on a boy. It would be so refreshing and I believe that the name would sound so new on a boy as opposed to a girl.

  • Meaning- Edge
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Gwen and Todd
Kent makes a great nickname but I'm not sure how much I like it as a first name. It sounds like it belongs on someone from the south and someone who is an adult. I feel like it is too grand for a baby as just a first name. I went looking for a full name for Kent but couldn't find any. If you have suggestions leave them in the comments.

  • Meaning- Without envy
  • Origin- Irish
  • Siblings- Zelda and Linus
What's the fist thing you think of when you hear the name Kermit? Is it the frog? If you said yes to that question you are not alone. I think of the green frog also and have a strong feeling that, that is what everyone will think. I really don't see this name being usable on a days. It is too associated with the frog, Kermit. 

  • Meaning- pointed hill
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Penny and Robin
I love the name Kip! It's so cute and vintage. As with a lot of other names I feel like Kip is much better as a nickname. I went on a search and came up with a few possible full names. The first one is Christopher, a very normal name. The other one is a more unique name and that is Kipling. I don't really like either names, so I guess I will keep looking. 

  • Meaning- Church
  • Origin- Norse and German
  • Siblings- Joni and Craig
Kirk sounds very 80's to me. It also reminds me of Star Trek for some reason. I really don't like this name all too much but it's not that bad. Just like Kent, I cannot see this name on a baby. It would make a great middle name though. 

As soon as I get an idea as to what days I am going to post I will let everyone know. Until then look out for more post!

What is your favorite name from the list? 
What is one name you love but is too "grand" for a baby?
What are your favorite 4 letter names? 

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