Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ivan, Nancy, Arthur, and Florence

While on the look out for new names, I am across this sibling set that I just loved. David Cameron is a Prime Minister of England. He has 4 children with fabulous names.

David with his three oldest children 

Ivan Reginald Ian: Ivan is Cameron's oldest son. He sadly passed away at the age of 6. I think this name is really sweet and very grand. I like Ivan, and Reginald is different. Ivan and Ian in the same name is a little much for me.

Nancy Gwen: Nancy is Gwen's first daughter and second child. At first I thought Nancy was a little too old fashioned for a little girl but than I just pictured this sweet little girl with the name Nancy and kind of fell in love. Usually Nancy is use on its own but I would have probably preferred it more as a nickname. Gwen is an unexpected middle name and pairs perfectly with Nancy. Both names balance each other out.

Arthur Elwen: Arthur is the second son for Cameron. Arthur is another old-fashioned name but is still really sweet on a little baby. Although I like Nancy more than Arthur, I still think they are paired nice together along with Ivan. You can see that the family really liked old-fashioned names. I think Elwen is another unexpected middle name and gives the whole name a nice feel.

Florence Rose Endellion: Florence is the last child for Cameron. Again we have an old-fashioned name that works nicely on a baby. I love Florence and I think the nicknames Flora or Flo are really cute. Now the middle name Rose is a very common middle name but I love it because Rose has meaning to me. Endellion is the name that caught my eye while I was doing research. It is the name of a saint and also a place. There have been reports that Florence was given the middle name Endellion because the family was vacationing near the village St. Endellion when she was born.

Ivan, Nancy, Arthur, and Florence make a great sibset. They are all old-fashioned names that are making a comeback on babies. They are all paired with nice, unexpected middle names that complete the whole set. The only thing I do not like about the sets is how two children have two names and the other two children have three names. I feel they should have all had three names or just stick with two names.

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