Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stating Your Opinion Nicely

I've noticed in the baby name community and when talking about names in general some people express their opinions harshly. Often times they either forget that someone really likes that particular name and has feelings or they just don't care. There have been plenty of times when I disliked a name for a number of reasons but I always told the person in a nice way. I thought I would share my tips on nicely telling someone you don't like there name.

Don't be rude about names!

Comment on the person's naming style and tell them the name fits well with them. 

Say something like, "I think *insert name here* is a name nice but it's just not something I would have picked"

Smile and make a nice comment. Then change the subject. 

Congratulate her on picking a name out. Sometimes it is hard to choice the perfect name for your baby. 

Ask why she picked the name. Even if you don't like that particular name it's always nice to hear why a name was picked. It might even help you understand why she chose such a different name. 

Tell her the name is different. It's a nice way to say say you don't like it without hurting someone's feelings. 

How do you let someone down easily? Are you nice or brutally honest?

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