Thursday, June 12, 2014

Four Letter Names

Majority of the time I prefer much longer names but lately I have been loving a lot of short 4 letter names. When I look at four letter names I see sweet and strong names. These are my top 20 names for boys and girls that are only four letters in alphabetical order.


  1. Anya: Grace; Russian 
  2. Avia: God is my father; Hebrew 
  3. Cleo: Glory; Greek
  4. Cora: Maiden; Greek
  5. Elsa: My God Is A Vow; Hebrew 
  6. Elvi: Elf Friend; English
  7. Esme: Esteemed, Beloved; French 
  8. Este: Star; Persian 
  9. Etta: Pearl; Greek
  10. Isla: Island; Scottish 
  11. Juna: June; English 
  12. Kyla: Beautiful; Irish 
  13. Mona: Little Noble One; Irish 
  14. Nola: White Shoulder; Irish 
  15. Nova: New; Latin
  16. Opal: Gem; Sanskrit 
  17. Roma: Rome; Italian 
  18. Sage: Wise; Latin
  19. Vada: Ruler; German 
  20. Wren: Bird Name; English 
  1. Amos: Carried By God; Hebrew 
  2. Arlo: Barberry Tree: Spanish
  3. Axel: Father of Peace; German 
  4. Bram: Form of Abraham; Hebrew 
  5. Cash: Diminutive of Cassius, Hollow; Latin
  6. Crew: English Word Name
  7. Dash: Diminutive of Dashiell, From Chiel; French 
  8. Ezra: Help; Hebrew 
  9. Ford: Dweller at the Ford; English
  10. Gage: Oath, Pledge; French
  11. Hans: God is Gracious; Scandinavian, German, Hebrew, and Danish 
  12. Judd: Flowing Down; Hebrew 
  13. Kipp: Pointed Hill; English 
  14. Knox: Round Hill; Scottish 
  15. Leon: Lion; Greek
  16. Link: Diminutive of Lincoln; Town of the pool; English 
  17. Myer: Bringer of Light; Hebrew 
  18. Tate: Cheerful; English 
  19. Thad: Heart; Aramic 
  20. Zaid: Lord; Arabic 

More post should be coming up soon. I am trying to find the time to write post, go to class every night, babysit 2 or 3 days a week, and hopefully another day job. I miss blogging about names!

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