Friday, December 16, 2016


Christmas Association 
Junipers are a type of tree that can be used as a Christmas tree or wreath. Historically, Juniper trees were the popular Christmas tree of the south. You would find them more often than you would find a Douglas or a Frasier. They have the signature needle like leaves. The berries from the tree are used to flavor gin.

As A Name 
Juniper is a nature name that is becoming more and more popular over the years. It's a nice change from popular nature names like Rose and Lily and Rain. In 2011, the name debuted onto the top 1000 charts for the first time at #951. Now it is #429 in 2015 and seems to be continuously climbing the charts. Personality I prefer Juniper on a girl but it is a unisex name that can be used on a boy. When you do the research you are going to find more little girls baring the name than boys. I mean its currently ranked in the top 500 for girls and isn't even ranked for boys!

There is a male saint named Juniper who was a follower of S. Francis of Assisi, and you can find it in the bible. Margaret Wise Brown is the author of Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny and sometimes goes by the pen name Juniper Sage. Another literary association with Juniper is the children's character Junie B. Jones. Her full name is Juniper Beatrice Jones.

What is your favorite nickname for Juniper?

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