Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Christmas Association 
Tannen does not look like a Christmas name at first glance but believe it or not it is. The German Christmas carol "O Tannenbaum" probably comes to mind when you hear the name Tannen. Tannenbaum means fir tree therefore Tannen means fire tree. I would have to make a guess that every family who celebrates Christmas puts up a tree and decorates it. If decorating the tree is your favorite Christmas activity I think Tannen would be great for you.

As A Name 
Tannen as a name is very rare. In 2015 only 6 boys were given the name, which is down from 2014 when 15 boys were given the name. It is similar to the much more popular name Tanner and would make a great alternative. Other spellings are Tannin, Tannan, and Tannon. The Tannin spelling is an element of wine that makes it taste dry. I find that so interesting.

Which is your favorite spelling of the name? Would you use the name?


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