Thursday, December 22, 2016


Christmas Association
Snow is a great name for a baby born in winter and since the season of Christmas is normally in winter it would make a great name for a Christmas baby as well. It wouldn't be a Christmas movie if it didn't snow for at least part of the movie. Plus, Santa lives in the North Pole where it snows all the time.

As A Name
Snow as a name is not very common at all. In 2015, it was given to 59 baby girls and less than 5 baby boys. Originally I would pictured Snow as a girl name but I am a new Game of Thrones fan and now associate the name Snow with Jon Snow. I feel like Snow makes a nice, fresh nature name that is over looked. We use the name Rain/Reign and have for years so it wouldn't be absurd to use Snow.

What gender do you prefer Snow on, a boy or a girl?


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