Friday, August 11, 2017

Name the Class! {Monthly Name Game}

Its a new month which means a new baby name game! Since school is start for a lot of students this month I have a little school inspired name game for you. You are in charge of naming a whole class room of second graders! I will give you the surname of each student and you pick the first and middle names out of the 5 names listed. 

Teacher- Smith: Vera, Luna, Amity, Marigold, Trudy 

  1. Lopez: Rosamund, Maeve, Julie, Naomi, Robin 
  2. Jones: Erica, Ophelia, Audrey, Mae, Catherine 
  3. Wilcox: Harrison, Maxwell, Oliver, Dean, Eli
  4. Brown: Asher, Jack, Tobias, Adam, Harry 
  5. Robinson: Eloise, Adelaide, Stella, Zoe, Alice
  6. Hofman: George, Jacob, Isaac, Ryker, Callahan 
  7. Garcia: Emma, Phoebe, Iris, Evangeline, Jane 
  8. Pratt: Ezra, Francis, Arlo, Theodore, Archie
  9. Ramsey: Annabelle, Delilah, Charlotte, Faith, Sophia
  10. Downs: Nathaniel, Roman, Seth, Grayson, Peter
  11. Newton: Chloe, Rita, Juliet, Sienna, Poppy
  12. McDermott: Leo, Bennett, Gabriel, Jordan, Fletcher 
  13. Cummings: Celeste, Elizabeth, Ashley, Francesca, Plum
  14. Nazario: Jackson, Blake, West, August, Knox
  15. Hall: Willa, Aurora, Mia, Sadie, Lydia 
  16. O'Donnell: Julian, Atticus, Cove, Gregory, William
  17. Fitzgerald: Aria, Maren, Jolie, Veda, Isabelle 
  18. Rowe: Wyatt, Samuel, John, Cooper, Graham
  19. Porter: Brielle, Nova, Isla, Kinsley, Sage
  20. Brady: Marshall, Otto, Liam, Aiden, Nolan 

And here are my answers! 
Teacher: Vera Marigold Smith 
  1. Rosamund Julie Lopez
  2. Audrey Mae Jones
  3. Harrison Dean Wilcox
  4. Tobias Harry Brown 
  5. Adelaide Zoe Robinson 
  6. Callahan George Hofman 
  7. Evangeline Iris Garcia 
  8. Arlo Theodroe Pratt
  9. Delilah Faith Ramsey  
  10. Grayson Peter Downs 
  11. Poppy Juliet Newton 
  12. Bennett Fletcher McDermott
  13. Francesca Plum Cummings 
  14. Knox August Nazario 
  15. Sadie Willa Hall
  16. Atticus Cove O'Donnell
  17. Maren Jolie Fitzgerald 
  18. Wyatt Graham Rowe
  19. Isla Brielle Porter 
  20. Marshall Liam Brady 

Don't forget to play along in the comments! I would love to hear what combos you come up with! 

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  1. Ms. Trudy Marigold Smith's 2nd grade class:
    1. Julie Naomi Lopez
    2. Erica Catherine Jones
    3. Oliver Dean Wilcox
    4. Tobias Harry Brown
    5. Zoe Eloise Robinson
    6. Isaac George Hofman
    7. Emma Jane Garcia
    8. Theodore Ezra Pratt
    9. Faith Delilah Ramsey
    10. Grayson Seth Downs
    11. Sienna Poppy Newton
    12. Fletcher Bennett McDermott
    13. Francesca Celeste Cummings
    14. August Blake Nazario
    15. Lydia Sadie Hall
    16. William Gregory O'Donnell
    17. Aria Isabelle Fitzgerald
    18. Samuel John Rowe
    19. Nova Sage Porter
    20. Nolan Otto Brady
    (Apologies for any typos. This is on mobile, and it is past 1AM yet I am playing this game instead of sleeping.)

    1. I'm sorry for the late response but I love these! Thank you for playing along! And staying up late to play baby name games is something I tend to do from time to time



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