Saturday, February 3, 2018

Super Bowl LII {Eagles}

So I'm not a huge football fan but it was hard not to be here in Philly after the season the Eagles had. And now they are one of the two teams in the Super Bowl alongside the Patriots. I'm beyond happy for my team, especially as a born and raised an Eagles fan. 

Millions will watch this game come Sunday whether you are a long time fan of either team or just there for the commercials. I'll be watching for my team, the commercials, and get this the names! I'm sure you're shocked about that fact. By the time the game comes on I'll have looked at all the players' names for both teams but that doesn't mean there won't be names I missed of non players. So if you aren't watching the game or just want to know some of the players names this post is for you! I'm going to separate the teams into their own posts. Be in the lookout for the Patriots post later in the week.

I went through the Eagles roster and pulled names of players that were interesting or caught my eye. 

Carson: Song of Marsh-Dwellers; Scottish 
Carson Wentz
You can't hear about the Eagles without Carson's name being thrown out there. He carried this team throughout the season until he got injured and then Nick Foles stepped in. As for a name I really like the modern sound to it. Right now the name is ranked in the top 100. 

Beau: Beautiful; French
Beau Allen
Beau is such a sweet southern name! I adore the simple, soft sound and feel to it, nothing too harsh in the ears. Some people may feel like Beau is too nickname-ish so if thats the case some full names for Beau are Beaumont and Beauregard. 

Nigel: Black; English 
Nigel Bradham
Nigel is so unique and currently not ranked in the top 1000 for the US. This name reminds me of a little old British man. One of those names that I just want to pop back up on babies in 2018 (wishful thinking right?). Growing up I watched the Nickelodeon tv show "The Wild Thornberry's" and the dad on the show was named Nigel. Maybe thats were I get the British man picture from. 

Fletcher: Maker of Arrows; English 
Fletcher Cox 
We're getting closer and closer to Valentine's day. The meaning of Fletcher fits perfectly for the holiday. So if you have a baby born between the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day and are an Eagles fan I think this is the perfect name for you. Surnames are a trend that is always around (or has been for many years now) and Fletcher fits this trend so well. 

Shelton: Shelf Town; English 
Shelton Gibson 
Shelton is such a unique name. I've actually featured the name on my instagram during a week when I featured male country singer names after Blake Shelton. I'm sure there is a lot of people that think of the singer when they hear the name. I think Shelton is a more modern name than Sheldon. They sound almost identical. 

Malcolm: Disciple if Saint Columba; Scottish 
Malcolm Jenkins
The name Malcolm is a strong name dating back many, many years. In Scotland there were four kings bearing the name and then there was Malcolm X, a civil rights activist. There are so many qualities of this name to love. I personally like the nickname options, Mal, Cole, Colm, and Mac just to name a few. 

Lane: Lane, Path; English 
Lane Johnson
I am a huge Big Brother fan (any other fans out there?!) and there was a house guest named Lane Elenburg and it was the first time I had really hard the name on a person. Lane is short and sweet and if you don't like it as a first name it is lovely as a middle name. 

Sidney: Wide Island; English  
Sidney Jones
Sidney is more popular for the girls but I am all for boys taking back the names they once owned from the girls that have taken over them. With this spelling the name can be see a little more for boys but Sydney also works. One interesting fact I learned was Sidney is a contraction name that comes from Saint Denis. 

Wendell: A Vandal; English 
Wendell Smallwood
For the last few months I have been crushing hard on W names, especially for boys. So its no surprise that I added Wendell to this list. It fits into the old man chic name that I wish would come back in style. Wendell Willkie ran for president in 1940 and after that it doesn't seem to have been used much. 

These are just some interesting names from the time. If you want to check out the whole roster go here and read their names. Also tell my who you're rooting for tomorrow! 

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