Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sibling Names: Anthony and Scarlett

If you are a follower over on my instagram than you may have noticed my new weekly series I have. Every Sunday I post a name and asked all of my followers to comment the names of real life siblings they know to that name. When the series first started I was nervous about it just not working out but people seemed to love it! You're probably wondering why I'm talking about that series on my blog. Well a followers asked if I was going to have a master list of the names somewhere. I thought it would be great to make a blog post after every 5 or so post. I have quickly realized that 5 names would make for a very, very long post so I am going to stick with two names at a time. 

Anthony and James 
Anthony and Justin
Anthony and Austin 
Anthony and Samuel

Anthony and Ava
Anthony and Gina
Anthony and Mackenzie
Anthony and Brittany 
Anthony and Gabriela
Anthony and Cassandra
Anthony and Valentine 
Anthony and Courtney
Anthony and Katelyn

Anthony, Richard, and Jeanne
Anthony, Emilia, and Lucas
Anthony, Mackenzie, and Serenity 
Anthony, Vincent, and Tobias
Anthony, Jenny, and Jessica
Anthony, Kesha, and Tasha
Anthony, Ariell, and Arion
Anthony, Travis, and Natalie
Anthony, Katherine, and Heather 
Anthony, Thomas, and Hailey 

Anthony, Elisia, Anastasia, and Matthew 
Anthony, Jessica, Nicole, and Vincent 
Anthony, Alicia, Trevor, and Elizabeth 
Anthony, Lossie, Charlay, and LaTrice
Anthony, Vincent, Dominic, Christina, and Mallory
Anthony, Gina, Sarah, Marie, David, and Joseph 
Anthony, Jeffery, Jodie, Scott, Aimee, and Tina
Anthony, Larry, Rachel, Bailey, Petra, Candace, Lon, and Lacey
Anthony, Renee, Renita, Rodney, Sidney, Gregory, Ricky, Rosalyn, and Rudy
Anthony, Bernadette, Joseph, Constance, Laura, John, Gerard, Paul, Mary, and Lou

Scarlett and Blakely
Scarlett and Beatrice 
Scarlett and Amelia 
Scarlett and Violet
Scarlett and Tallulah
Scarlett and Piper
Scarlett and Sloan (Twins)
Scarlett and Ruby (twins)

Scarlett Maria "Maria" and Hank
Scarlett and Sebastian 
Scarlett and Memphis 
Scarlett and Taj
Scarlett and Christian 
Scarlett and Leo
Scarlett and Jasper
Scarlett and Ezra 
Scarlett and Lincoln 
Scarlett and Wylder Thomas 
Scarlett and Henry

Scarlett, Isabella, and Florence 
Scarlett, Jessica, and Andrew
Scarlett, Avery, and Gage
Scarlett, Brooks, and Grey 
Scarlett, Juniper, and Johnny
Scarlett, Hugh, and Stella
Scarlett, Jorgie (girl), and Lyla
Scarlett, Samuel, and Sienna

Scarlett, Gabriella, Ruby, and Tommy
Scarlett, Alexander, Violet, and Autumn 
Scarlett, Evangeline, Indie, and Esme (Quadruplets) 
Scarlett Joy, Eden Hope, Trinity Kate, and Tyler James 
Scarlett, Gabriela, Isabel, Juliet, and Lilian 
Scarlett Grace, Jessie May,  Tallulah Rose "Lulu", Ruby Queen, Olive Frances "Frankie", Sylvan Kel, Imoo Plum, Aloysius Edward Basquiat "Wish/Wishy"

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