Saturday, February 3, 2018

Super Bowl LII {Patriots}

I'm not very familiar with the Patriots and their team members. That's no surprise considering I am an Eagles fan through and through. With that being said I still wanted to take a look at the Patriots roster and see what names caught my eye. One thing I did notice was there were two Malcolms on the team. I won't feature the name again since I just did it in the last posts. There are only 5 names on this list because there weren't a whole ton of unique names. Read on to find out who I picked!

Rex: King; Latin
Rex Burkhead
Rex has been a long time favorite of mine. I watched some reality show with a large family called Downsized. On the show one of the sons was named Rex. I remember it so clearly because I loved the name right away. Another Rex spotting is the dinosaur from Toy Story. Rex fits so perfectly with the more popular name Max.  

Lawrence: From Laurentum, Laurel; English 
Lawrence Guy
I'm really loving the old man names. I think so many of them are ready for a comeback. Lawrence is one of them. Law, Laws, and Ren are such great nickname (I may be a little biased towards the latter). 

Dion: Of Zeus Tree; Greek
Dion Lewis
I know a Dion only its on a girl and not a boy. I personally like the name equally for both genders. The name is small but packs a lot of punch. It has ties to ancient Greece as a student of Plato. More modern times brings you the beautiful singer Celine Dion. 

Bernard: Brave Bear; German 
Bernard Reedy
I love learning random, interesting facts about names and boy do I have a good one for you. The dog breed Saint Bernard was named after a monk who lived in the Alps and helped pilgrims travel to Rome through the St. Bernard Pass. The dog was named after him because the dog also helped rescue people at the same place. I don't feel like the name is too associated with the dog and can be used now a days. 

Marquis: March, Borderland; African American 
Marquis Flowers 
Like King and Duke, Marquis is a noble rank between duke and count. To my surprise, the name is ranked in the top 1000 for the US but all the way down at #943 so still unique. I've never paid much attention to this name but I'm really liking it. 

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