Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2018 Anticipated Celebrity Baby Names {Part 1}

It's a new year with new births just waiting to happen. The year 2018 has already been an exciting year in name news with 2 Kardashian babies born. There's still one more Kardashian baby due and a new Prince or Princess  in England! But they aren't the only babies I am overly excited to hear names of and since I can't keep my excitement to myself I wanted to share it with all of you! I took the list of expected moms and dads that was floating around in my head and have thrown it down here for you all including any other their other children's names with it. And to make it more fun I've decided to give some name suggestions/predictions for these new babies as well. As I write this I am thinking it may or may not be in two or more parts depending on how long the post is. Read to the bottom to find out (or the title might just give that away).

Chip and Joanna Gaines
Siblings: Drake, Ella Rose, Duke, and Emmie Kay
Gender: Unknown
My mom and I love their show, Fixer Upper on HGTV, and at the beginning of the current season (or maybe it was the end of the previous one) my mom made a comment that she thought that Joanna was pregnant again. Low and behold my mom was right! I can't wait to hear this new babies name because I'm curious to know if they will stick to the one syllable D names for boys and 2 syllable, double letter E names for girls?
Girls: Eden/Edie, Eva/Evie, Erin, Esme, Effie, Etta, Esther
Boys: Dax, Dash, Dallen, Drew, Derek, Dustin, Dean, Deacon

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson
Siblings: Prince Oliver (Thompson's from a previous relationship)
Gender: Unknown
Khloe has said on the Ellen show that if the baby is a boy they are thinking of naming him Tristan Jr. but had no girls names picked out. It was mentioned that she wants a girl name to be K or T after mom or dad. With the Kardashian family any name goes! There's some boy suggestions there just incase they decide not to do a  junior.
Girls: Kassia, Keilani, Karissa, Kambria, Thalia, Trista, Tallulah, Thora
Boys: Kaiser, Kyson, Kendrick, Thatcher, Tobias, Tex, Titus

Prince William and Princess Kate
Siblings: George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
Gender: Unknown
I know that everyone in the naming community, really I'd say just about everyone in general, is waiting patiently for the birth of the new Royal baby. I'm sure there are extreme namers out there that have looked into the royal family tree in depth but I am just going to suggest names that I think would go with George and Charlotte or names that are in the immediate family.
Girls: Alice, Philippa, Caroline, Eugenia, Victoria, Mary
Boys: Arthur, Philip, Charles, Frederick, Edward

Macklemore and Tricia Davis
Siblings: Sloane Ava Simone
Gender: Unknown
Sloane is a beautiful, vintage name with a little bit of spunk behind it. Ava is a much more popular name while Simone is again spunky. There are so many great names that flow with Sloane that I could list for paragraphs!
Girls: Cordelia, Harper, Eloise, Marlow, Blair
Boys: Ronan, Graham, Holden, Emmett, Beckett, Cole

Eric and Jessie James Decker 
Siblings: Vivianne Rose and Eric Thomas II
Gender: Boy
When it came to naming a girl Eric and Jessie picked a gorgeous feminine name while being both unique yet familiar. As for their second child, a boy, they went the route of junior. It may be easy to suggest girl names but boy names are kind of up in the air. Vivianne was my main source of inspiration for all the names.
Girls: Adelaide, Genevieve, Lillian, Penelope, Margot
Boys: Theodore, Henry, Sebastian, Samuel, Oscar, Finn

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin 
Siblings: Ireland (previous relationship), Leonardo Angel Charles "Leo", Rafael Thomas, and Carmen Gabriela
Gender: Boy
All of Alec and Hilaria's children have long romantic names that work in both English and Spanish seeing as Halaria speaks Spanish and they are teaching their children he language. These names also offer the option of a nickname like Leonardo.
Boys: Antonio, Valentino, Matteo, Santiago, Giovanni, Leopold

I am interested to see what all of these celebrities name their babies! What will be even more interesting to see is if I'm right or even close to the names these parents pick since I am not the best at making guesses. I'll have to make an updated post as the babies are born.

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