Friday, May 11, 2018

2017 SSA List!

Merry Name Christmas!! Yep I'm declaring today the ultimate naming holiday. Who'd be in to petition making today an actual holiday?! For the last few weeks I have been waiting and prepping and waiting and prepping some more. Now that its here I can't contain myself! Last night I couldn't sleep. I rolled around in bed just so excited for today to come! And then this morning I refreshed the SSA name page a million and ten times waiting for the list to get posted. But ITS FINALLY HERE!! Before I get into the whole list I am going to sit down and look over the top 10. Enjoy this excitement for just a little bit. Take it all in.

  1. Liam +1
  2. Noah -1
  3. William
  4. James +1
  5. Logan +13
  6. Benjamin
  7. Mason -3
  8. Elijah +1
  9. Oliver +3
  10. Jacob -3

  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Isabella +1
  5. Sophia -1
  6. Mia 
  7. Charlotte 
  8. Amelia +3
  9. Evelyn +3
  10. Abigail -2

I am so pleasantly surprised at this new list! First there were 2 new boy names and 2 new girl names, all of which I am happy made the list. For the boys Logan jumped 13 (yes 13!) spots into the top 10 and Oliver jumped 3 spots. They knocked out Michael and Ethan. This is the first time since 1943 that Michael is not in the top 10. After 74 years this classical name is not longer in the top 10.

The two girl names that made their ways into the top 10 were Amelia and Evelyn. There was a lot of talk around the name world of Amelia moving into the top 10 and it was right. I'm not sure if anyone would have guessed Evelyn but it is a nice surprise. I think out of both list Evelyn is my favorite move. Because we have 2 new names we had to lose 2. Those were Harper and Emily. Although it wasn't much of a drop, spots 11 and 12 respectively, I'm still a little shocked about Harper. I know Emily has been around for a while but Harper had only spent 2 years in the top 10. I thought for sure she'd move up more this year. 

Noah was knocked from the #1 spot after 4 years while Emma kept her crown for the 4th year in a row. 

Overall, I am happy with the top 10 list. It's nice to see some fresh names. This year may be my favorite top 10 in the last few years. Keep an eye out for more posts about the 2017 SSA list! 

*Bold Names Are Names New To The List*

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