Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sibling Names: Jack and Ashley

Jack and Ashley are both family names for me. I have a cousin named Jack and he is one of 7: Erin, Caitlin, Megan, Michael, Cullen, Jack, and Cecelia! Ashley is my middle name and I knew so many Ashley's growing up. I guess that's what happens when you are born in the 90s.

Jack and Leo
Jack and Henry
Jack and Harry
Jack and Benjamin 
Jack and Lucas
Jack and Tyson 
Jack and Oscar 
Jack and George 
Jack and Max
Jack and Bobby 

Jack and Beatrice
Jack and Aria 
Jack and Abigail "Abby"
Jack and Ava 
Jack and Josslyn
Jack and Sophia 
Jack and Audrey
Jack and Jill 
Jack and Genevieve "Evie"
Jack and Carter (g)
Jack and Zoe

Jack, Grace, and Harry
Jack, Molly, and Caroline
Jack, Claire, and Joey
Jack, Ethan, and Grace 
Jack, Olivia, and Angela
Jack, Reese, and Darren 
Jack, Issy, and Jonah 
Jack, Ruby, and Frankie (g)
Jack, Lennox, and River (b)
Jack, Byron, and Georgie 
Jack, Evelynn, and Tristan 
Jack, Samantha, and Gianna
Jack, Henry, and William 

Jack, Luke, Annie, and Lexie
Jack, Harry, Thomas, and Ruby
Jack, Emma, Ava, and Elena 
Jack and Nate (twins), Elijah, and Oliver 
Jack, Jayden (g), Bradley, Blaze, and Gunnar 
Jack, Zeon, Kaire, Taliah, Alizah, and Jasmine 
Jack, Izrael (g), Sequani (b), Henri, and Francis (b)
Jack, Darlene, Barbara, Nancy, Richard, and Susan 
Jack, Madalyn, Ann, Evelyn, Amelia, and Brantley 
Jesse "Jack", Michael, John, Davis, Hazel, Florence, Julia, and Benjamin 

I am always interested when I see half overlapping siblings like Jack, Grace, and Henry with Jack, Grace, and Ethan. Another interesting comment from this gathering was Jack and Jill. I should have known at least one set of Jack and Jill would pop up! By far the most interesting comment on this post was a Jesse nicknamed Jack. I wonder where that could have come from. 

Ashley Michelle and Tyler Patrick 
Ashley and Tyler 
Ashley and Jeremy (x2)
Ashley and Philip
Ashley and Andrew 
Ashley Morgan and Matthew Kaleb 
Ashley and Jonathon

Ashley and Jessica (x2)
Ashley and Kayla (x2)
Ashley and Courtney 
Ashley and Lindsey
Ashley and Heather 
Ashley and Adrianna 
Ashley Elizabeth and Danielle Jeanine 
Ashley and Cara 
Ashley and Megan 
Ashley and Katarina 
Ashley and Dana
Ashley and Stephanie 
Ashley and Melissa 

Ashley, Chris, and Brittany
Ashley Elizabeth, Emily Lauren, and Laura Katherine 
Ashley Brooke, Joshua, and Matthew 
Ashley, Erin, and Alexa
Ashley, Ryan, and Brooke 
Ashley, Austin, and Amanda 
Ashley, Cody, and Ryan 
Ashley Danielle, Annie Marie, and Adam Gabriel 
Ashley, Haley, and Emily 

Ashley, Brittani, Hannah, and Cassi 
Ashley Suzanne, Christina Joy, Nickolas Austin, and Tyler Daniel 
Ashley, Evan, Lindsay, and Austin 
Ashley, Heather, Aaron, and Braden 
Ashley, Melissa, Derek, and Tyler 
Ashley, Michael, Aidan, and Matthew 
Ashley, Trent, Jill, Sawyer, Sandi
Ashley, Jessica, Karl, Audrey, and Terrell
Ashley, Sabrina, Tequila, Caya, and Sean 
Ashley, Cara, Courtney, Josiah, Elias, and Gracie 

There were a lot of of double sibsets. Ok maybe only 4 but since I don't often multiple comments with the same exact siblings. This name also had a lot of middle names commented along with siblings, adds to the interesting information. 

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