Friday, May 11, 2018

2017 Top 100

The top 100 names have a special feel to them. They are popular but at the same time there are so many that just simply aren't. I often see parents saying they want a name below the top 100 because in their eyes the top 100 is too popular. But there are so many things to love about the top 100. A lot of the names you probably haven't even met an actual baby with the name. With that being said a name moving into the top 100 is a good thing. It makes the name just a little more familiar to the ears.

Every year only a few names move into the top 100 usually right below 10 for each gender. Here are this year's names.

Jameson and Maverick are names that I had predicted would make their way into the top 100 and they did. I am a little surprised about Kayden moving up. I had thought that the whole Aiden/Kayden trend was dying down but I guess not. What are your thoughts on it?

As for girls I had predicted Valentina, Everly, and Emilia would make their ways into the top 100 and they did! I can see the appeal in Emilia and Everly. E names seem to be a plus for girls lately. Isabelle surprised me a little bit because of how popular Isabella is but she had been just shy of the top 100 last year. 

As for the names that have fallen from the top 100 list because of these new names they are:

  1. Bentley #100 --> 102
  2. Brandon #99 -->114
  3. Tyler #91 -->106
  4. Kevin #90 ---> 101
  5. Zachary #89 -->103

  1. Faith #100 --> 119
  2. Brainna #98 --> 123
  3. Taylor #91 --> 112
  4. Katherine #90 --> 105
  5. Kylie #83 --> 114
It seems that most of the names that have fallen from the top 100 are names some would find dated almost. Names that were much more popular 20 years ago. Brandon, Tyler, Kevin, Brianna, and Taylor are all names common to my generation. People of the 1990s. Bentley and Kylie surprise me a little bit in their falls. If anything I would have thought they'd stay right around the same. 

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