Sunday, December 22, 2019

Namemas: Tallulah

With only a few days left of Namemas I am leaving you with another beautiful, unique and not overly Christmas name. A name that brings to mind summer and warmth rather than winter. But hey this name would be nice for the countries who are celebrating Christmas in warm weather!

Native American Tallulah
In Choctaw, the name means leaping waters while in the Creek language it is said to mean town. Georgia has a set of waterfalls called Tallulah Falls. The waterfalls has been rumored to be named for the Native American words but there is no concrete evidence. With the waterfalls there is also a state park and town bearing the same name.

Famous Tallulah's
One of the most famous Tallulah's out there is Tallulah Bankhead, an actress with a crazy cast. She was named after her grandmother who was named after Tallulah Falls.

In 2008 the name Talula made headlines for a bad reason when parents in New Zealand tried to name their daughter Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii. They would go on to lose custody of the child for a short period of time. The girl would go on to have a name changed by the courts.

Irish Talulla 
In Ireland the name Talulla means Lady of Abundance or even Princess of abundance and comes from the Irish name Tailelaith. There is a celtic saint named Tallula but she doesn't make saint list and there is hardly any information on her.

Talulah's Many Spellings
There are a ton of spelling combinations out there to fit the need you want:

Christmas Association
On the tenth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
10 Lords a Leaping
9 Ladies Dancing
8 Maids a Milking
7 Swans a Swimming
6 Geese a Laying
5 Golden Rings
4 Calling Birds
3 French Hens
2 Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

As soon as I started making this list I knew today's name was going to be Tallulah. It was just so fitting and perfect with its meaning that I didn't even look into the other possible names! I personally enjoy the Tallulah spelling but is nothing wrong with any other spelling. 

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