Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Namers Christmas Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and if you are anything like me you have already started you're shopping. Then again I am waiting until the last minute to finish the last of my shopping. The wheels in my head were turning one day and I thought "If I was buying  gift for my namer friends what would I buy?" Now this has lead to my 2019 Namers Christmas Gift Guide! Below are 8 great gifts for the namer in your life.

I found the ultimate name journal! This journal is designed for parents looking for a name for their baby but it works just great if you are single and not expecting. The book starts with a space for your top 3, 5, and 10 names. It is then followed by pages to document all the details of any name you want. including meaning, origin, popularity, and more. I bought this book to do a review on and have to say I love it. The cover and pages are sturdy. The font is fun throughout the book. Each page has just enough space to document all the little details of the names you love. 

With the amount of name books out there it was hard to narrow it down to just one. Ultimately I picked the 2019 Baby Name Alamac by Emily Larson because it has a ton of names and is the most up to date with data. Every year they come out with a new book. When looking for a name book I like ones that have a lot of names with unique data. The runner up was Baby Name Wizard's book

Almost all namers have a journal or notebook they write their favorite names down in. No better thing to gift to a namer than a good journal and pen. The Minted personalize journals are so beautiful and have just the right amount of pages to hold all the name thoughts. You can't write with out a good pen! Pilot G2 pens are some of my favorites. This particular pack comes in multiple colors for all the color coding needs you have. 
There are a lit of name signs out there but I included this particular company for a reason. Every year my mom, sister, and I go to the flower show and every year they have a booth there featuring names with pressed flowers. Lucky for you guys they have an online store! One of these years I am going to get one for myself! 

Name ornaments can be found in lots of different stores in even more styles. I most often find them in those little booths in the middle of the mall. Today I have included a really cool ornament that is a step up for namers. The ornament includes the meaning of the name! I adore that about it. The website I have included has many different name ornament styles. 

If other namers are anything like me then they want to know everything they can about a name. There is a a belief that each person's name has a number associated with it. That number has traits and personalities that is said to be associated with the person bearing the name. You can find sources online but I think having a book in hand is pretty cool and more personal. 

I can't sit down with a name book or journal without a cup of coffee or tea. Something to cozy up with. I love to get my mugs are Target and Marshal's. They always have the best in my opinion. Right now I am loving Target's "Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle" mug. 

I had to include a fellow name instagramer on my list. Tara does beautiful custom name art. Each name artwork is picked and designed based on what Tara sees the name as. She writes a poetic name meaning written from her heart. 

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