Thursday, May 7, 2020

2019 List Predictions {Top 1000}

Making the top 1000 predictions for the new SSA name lists are one of my favorite posts to make. The lists usually involve the more unique names and a lot of times names that I like. I only do 9-10 name predictions but close to 100 names enter the top 1000 list each year.

Taking a look at last years list I made 9 predictions for each gender and got 3/9 right for boys and 4/9 right for girls. I did not do so well but that is no surprise. 

Alistair- Given to 204 baby boys in 2018
A names are a trend for girls and I can see them being a trend for boys. Alistair has a lot to love. It is a name with history and has a grand feeling. I can see people picking the name for sure. With the #1000 baby boy name (Markus) being given to 206 babies in 2018 there is a high possibility Alistair makes the list this year.

Kolten- Given to 204 baby boys in 2018
Americans enjoy spelling names in unique ways. Kolten is for sure a unique way to spell Colten. I can see this name jumping into the top 1000 because of the spelling and because every year there are a handful of uniquely spelled names that pop into the top 1000. 

Evander- Given to 189 baby boys in 2018
Evander is a name that I have been hoping would make it onto the top 1000 list for some time now. He fits with names like Alexander and Evander. The name is easy to spell and pronounce. It is a Greek mythology name also. Maybe this year the name will finally make it onto the top 1000 list., 

Boaz- Given to 177 baby boys in 2018
Bo- names are a trend that I love and I am seeing more and more. Boaz fits not only into that trend but also into the biblical names trend that is always around. It has a sharp Z ending that attracts parents to names like Ezra. This would make a nice additions to the top 1000. 

Arrow- Given to 172 baby boys in 2018
Word names are all the rage right now. You can skim through the top 1000 and find word names throughout. Arrow is a favorite of mine and I would love to see more people use it. You can see this as a positive word name because although arrows are pulled back they still go on. 

Noble- Given to 161 baby boys in 2018
I see virtue names being used and loved among the naming community. Now I wonder if that has trickled down into everyday parents. I can see Noble being a name gaining a spot on the top 1000 for his simple one syllable sound and the virtue accept. 

Honorable Mentions: Bear, Rio, Bastian, and Kooper

Luz- Given to 257 baby girls in 2018
Luz is a name that was in the top 1000 in the early 2000s until about 2016. Some might find it dated but I think it is fresh to the ears. I think her short and to the point nature. Maybe she will gain some popularity this year. 

Chandler- Given to 256 baby girls in 2018
Chandler has been in the top 1000 a few years in the past. Her boy name turned girl name surname vibe is still around today. She is sitting right outside the top 1000 so I can see her gaining enough spots to sit in the charts. 

Indie- Given to 249 baby girls in 2018
Indie is one of the names that I have been hoping will jump into the top 1000 for years and hasn't. I feel as if I heard love for this name all the time yet she sits out of reach. She has a place name vibe as well has the boho theme going for her. Maybe this year is the year she will finally make it into the charts. 

Jovie- Given to 246 baby girls in 2018
Jovie is a modern virtue name, although I do not think a lot of people realize that. She is 2 syllables and ends int he -ee sound with a sharp V middle sound. It surprises me that the popularity of the movie Elf has not made this name more popular. Maybe the parents who fondly remember watching this movie when they were younger will pick the name. 

Elodie- Given to 243 baby girls in 2018
I am pretty sure I have been rooting for Elodie to jump onto the top 1000 name list for a few years now. She fits in with the other El- names and has a beautiful, lyrical sound to her, I have not been able to pinpoint why the name isn't on the top 1000. Crossing my fingers 2019 is her year. 

Flora- Given to 242 baby girls in 2018
Last year I had Flora on my predictions list and I am doing the same this year, There are a few things that can appeal to families about the name. The -ora ending is beautiful and princess like. Add in the fact that the name is a vintage beauty and there is no other reason why this name won't make the top 1000 list. 

Honorable Mentions: Emerald, Winnie, Marlowe, and Seraphina

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