Monday, May 11, 2020

8 Great Spring Colors

It is finally feeling like spring here and we all know that won't last long! So before it starts feeling like summer I thought I would squeeze in a spring inspired name blog post. If you follow me on instagram then you have had a bunch of spring inspired name lists in the month of April. I won't to do something different from what I've done and from what so many others have done so today I have 8 great spring color names!

Slate is not ranked in the top 1000 but is something I could see jumping on in. The name is a modern word name that has an edgy feel. With it being one syllable I could see it pairing so well as a middle name. Slate is a gray-blue color. that works perfectly as a spring neutral.

Lavender falls under the category of vintage beauties ready to come back. Matilda the movie and book has a character named Lavender. It's easy to the ears and pretty on the eyes. Lavender is a light purple color you see a lot around Easter and throughout spring and into summer.

Rose is not only a flower name but it is also a color name. The color rose is a light pink color and not red like most people would think. As a name it is a sure classic in both the first and middle name spot. You can also find a long list of Rose alternative names that have Rose as a nickname.

Like Lavender, Lilac is another light purple color. It also doubles as a wonderful smelling flower. Lilac is in the sound family of Lila and looks like a Lily sister. You could even go on to use Lily as a nickname. It is a much more bold name choice.

Jade is a green shade. Spring is all about the green things and nature and plants growing. Jade ranks just outside the top 100 and is the most popular name on this list. She is short and sweet and to the point.

Saffron is a yellow-orange color. It is a flower that gets turned into a spice used in cooking all over the world. Saffrons are used in the Hindu culture often and during spring they have a spring festival called Holi. Google the festival and you will see the most beautiful colors ever.

Cobalt blue is a bold shade of blue that mixes well with so many of the other color names on this list. As a name Cobalt is just as bold. You can use the nickname Coby or even Bolt. I have to say I am loving this name more and more.

Everyone knows what a denim blue looks like. It is the color and clothing that is for everyone no matter the age, location, or career. Denim jackets were once super popular in the 2000s and then declined but 2020 is bringing back the denim jacket. Denim has been used as a name before. Throw in the nickname Denny and it makes the name much more usable.

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