Friday, December 30, 2011

Man Names

Today I am going to do a list of boy names that begin and end in man.
  1. Mannan- An Arabic name that means very generous.  I like the sound of this name. it kind of goes with the over trendy names like Evan, and Ethan. You could even call him Manny.
  2. Manton- An English name that means form the sandy earth. It was originally an English surname. I really like this name it is so different sounding but it also has a trendy sound to it.
  3. Truman- An English name that means faithful man. When I first heard this name I didn’t like it but now it has grown on me. I don’t love it but I can still tolerate it. The reason I don’t love it is because I don’t like True on a boy.
  4. Coleman- An English name that means dove/charcoal burner. I know of a couple of girls whose last name this is. I wouldn’t be able to use it because of that reason. I like that it has the like name Cole.
  5. Freeman- An English name that means free man. I don’t think I can get over seeing itas a surname. It is still cute and I love the nickname Free.
  6. Jackman- I don’t know much about this name. I first heard it on the baby name blog Baby Names Daily. I really like it because it is different than Jackson, which has become so popular.
  7. Karman- An English name that means man. The spelling of the name Carman is a unisex name that I hear a lot on girls. I don’t really like Karman/Carman on a boy but if it was going on a boy I would spell it with a k.
  8. Roman- An English name that means from Rome, Italy. I like this name. It is a little too common and place name like for me though.
  9. Newman- An English name that means new man. This name isn’t usable for me because when I hear the name I think of the Newman scholarship.
  10. Manuel- A Spanish name that means God is with us. I could never use this myself because to me this is a very Spanish name and I’m not Spanish.

I hope you like me post. Don’t be afraid to comment. I like hearing what other people think both the good and the bad. Bye for now. 

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