Saturday, December 10, 2011

Water Boy Names

Hey so I’m back with the water boy names list. These names mean either water, ocean, river, or lake. I hope you like the list.
  1. Calder- It means from the wild water and is Scottish. I like this name because it is different and boyish. It ends in an –er, which is also good. I can picture a little boy or an adult with this name.
  2. Troy- It means water or footsoldier and is Greek. This is not my favorite name but it is nice. When I hear Troy I think of High School Musical. To me this name is a little bit to girly.
  3. Ford- It means river crossing and is an English name. I like this name. You would have to be brave to use it. For me I would use it as a middle name because it is short name.
  4. Roden- It means form the swift river and is English. This name is different but in a good way. You could call him Rod if you like. I personally like it but would probably not use it.
  5. River- Of course I had to put River in this name list. It wouldn’t be complete without it! River means river and is English. I had liked this name until I started to hear it everywhere. It’s cute. You either love the name or you hate it.
  6. Cullen- It means back of river and is Scottish. People must likely think of Twilight when they hear this name. I know of one person with this name as a first name and one who has it as a last name. it was useable but not really anymore because of Twilight.
  7. Trenton- It means form the town near river Trent and is English. I like this name but would not use it. I live to close to a city named Trenton. I do like the nickname Trent.
  8. Wiley- It means from the tricky river and is English. I don’t really like this name because when I hear it is sounds like a little kid is trying to riley but can’t pronounce the R. I have heard of one little boy named this.
  9. Dillon- It means born form the ocean and is Welsh. This is a surname and cute on a boy. It is a little bit different form the other spelling Dylan. I know of a few people with the last name Dillon.
  10. Kai- It means ocean and is Polynesian/Hawaiian. I LOVE LOVE this name. I like it as a nickname for the name Malakai or just by its self. I was reading a story on Wattpad and fell in love with it.

I hope you like the list. It was fun making it. Stay tune for more list. Bye. 

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