Saturday, December 3, 2011

Girl Water Names

Hey everyone I am here to tell you about girl names that have to do with water. So if you are I great fan of the ocean or your baby was born near an ocean or other water source, this list is for you. Let’s get started.
1. Elandra- Means home by the sea and is an Aboriginal name. I think that this name is great if you like the nickname Ellie. I like that this name ends in “a” and it has a girly sound to it. It is also a name that you won’t hear very offend.
2. Maleah- An Polynesian/Hawaiian name that means of the sea or bitter. I like the girly sound to the name. if you like the name Leah this is a great alternative to it. I like the nickname Mally and you could even use Leah if you like.
3. Molly- An English name that means of the sea or bitter. Molly is one of my favorite common names. There are no nicknames for it but it is great on its own. Molly is a name that you know is a girl, which is great. I know a few Molly’s and that is the only downside of this name.
4. Moira- A Scottish name that means of the sea or bitter. I LOVE this name. I like the way it sounds and I think that it is girly. I would not use a nickname Moira because it is great on its own. I think more people should use it.
5. Kailani- An Polynesian/Hawaiian name that means sea and sky. I like this name because of the lani part. If you like the name Kay or want to honor a person who was named Kay, this is a great name to us. This would be great if you baby was born or conceived in Hawaii. You could use the nicknames Kai/Kay or Lani.
6. Tallulah- An Native American name that means leaping waters. This has been one of my favorite names for almost six years now. I like that you can use the nicknames Lulu, Lula, or Tally with it. Some people might think that the name is too cute and wouldn’t age well with the girl. I don’t think that they are any reasons to worry.
7. Avonlea- An English name that means field near the river. I like how girly this name sounds. I also like that you could use the nickname Ava, Avie or Leah with this name. it is so cute and just such a sweet name for girls.
8. Eleri- A Welsh name that means river name. I like elle names and this is one of them. I like how the name looks. You could use the nickname Ellie if you want but I don’t think this name needs a nickname. One problem I think the child would have is people always asking her how to spell her name.
9. Laken- An American name that means form the lake. This is an unisex name but I like it on a girl more than a boy. I have heard it on a boy before though. It is not a very girl name but I still like it. You could just call her Lake.
10. Lakelyn- An American name that means Beautiful Lake. This name is like Laken but a little bit more girly. I would know that this was a girl because of the lyn at the end. You could call her Lake. The meaning is good also.

So they are my list of girl water names. I hope you liked them and found some names that you never heard of. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Bye :) 

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