Saturday, April 7, 2012

Some Names from Around The Internet

So I haven’t Blog in a while and I am sorry. This really isn’t a list it is just names I have found on the internet that caught my attention. Some of the names are good and so of the names are BAD. So let’s get started.
  1. Blayden Van
  2. Piers Robert
  3. Brycin Rilee
  4. Dasen Jermaine
  5. Waide Anthony
  6. Eshton Philip
  7. Judah Truth
  8. Cobus Everet
  9. Evan Kartyr
  10. Dylan Gage
  11. Lusion Scott
  12. Emery Alister
  13. Rylo
  14. Loftin

  1. Laiken Nichole
  2. Briella Dawn
  3. Jullien Grace
  4. Gwenyth Anna
  5. Lochlynn Tanner
  6. Cahli Dorothy Jane
  7. Electra Raine
  8. Corra Marie
  9. Cambreigh Alexis
  10. Lyticia
  11. Zulema
  12. Lonna
  13. Alyona
  14. Evaleigh Joy
  15. Claretha
  16. Cherkenia
  17. Trinidad
  18. Carian
  19. Genea
  20. Enriqueta
  21. Mattison
  22. Adrianne Emery
  23. Alesana
  24. Anely (Ah-Neh-lee) Karina
  25. Velvett
  26. Feri       
  27. Ani
  28. Federica
  29. Toyo
  30. Brandalynn
  31. Ravince
  32. Ara
  33. Ethiene
  34. Roe
  35. Evuilynn
  36. Lace
  37. Gabrya
  38. Saeya
  39. Lakyn
  40. Joya
  41. Mayra
  42. Emarie
  43. Elting Caroline
  44. Hunter
  45. Kezlyn Rachel
  46. Kinsley Anniston
  47. Merasia

So that is just some of the names that I have seen on the internet. I also have another post on baby names from the Bonds Baby Search. I am going to be putting up a LOT of new blog post in the next couple of days. Bye:)

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  1. What a mixed bag of names! I don't think I've ever seen the Kartyr variation of the name Carter before, and I'm wondering if Lusion is a re-interpretation of Lucian?

    1. I wasn't sure if Kartyr was a variation of Carter so I asked and I was right. It was the middle name though. I think Lusion is a variation of Lucian but I am not positive. Kartyr and Lusion where from the same family.

  2. There are some great names there, although perhaps too modern to suit my personal tastes. Genea is lovely, as is Emery Alister. Anely is a bit tricky... the pronunciation could cause the child some embarrassment in the future.

    1. They are very modern. I loved Emery Alister. Anely looks a little strange though and the pronunciation is bad.



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