Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MLB Series: Chicago Cubs

Hey guys so today I have another blog in the MLB baby names. Today’s team is going to be the Chicago Cubs. So let’s get started.
  1. Alfonso- This name is for Alfonso Soriano. He is number 12, an outfielder and 36 years old. Alfonso means noble and ready in Italian. I love this name. It is so many and strong sounding.
  2. Darwin- This name is for Darwin Barney. He is number 15, an infielder and 27 years old. Darwin means dear friend in English. When I hear this name it makes me think of someone who is in the jungle or travels I don’t know why though.
  3. Travis- This name is for Travis Wood. He is number 30, a pitcher and 25 years old. Travis means from the crossing or tollgate in English. When I hear this name it makes me think of someone in a band.
  4. Reed- This name is for Reed Johnson. He is number 5, an outfielder and 36 years old. Reed means a reed or red haired in English. I love the name Reed just not this spelling.
  5. Marcos- This name is for Marcos Mateo. He is number 62, a pitcher and 28 years old. Marcos means of Mars in Portuguese. I love Marcos and the nickname Mark.
  6. Scott- This name is for Scott Maine. He is number 57, a pitcher and 27 years old. Scoot means person from Scotland in English. I love this name and have an uncle name Scott.

  1. Geovany- This is for Geovany Soto. He is number 18, a catcher and 29 years old. Geovany means God is gracious in American. I like this name with the nickname Gia.
  2. Kerry- This name is for Kerry Wood. He is number 34, a pitcher and 35 years old. Kerry means from Ciar’s people ir the country of Kerry in Irish. I like this name and can only see it on a girl.
  3. Starlin- This name is name is for Starlin Castro. He is number 13, an infielder and 22 years old. Starlin means beautiful star in American. I though this name was cool. Star is a cute nickname as well. I can’t see this name on a boy at all.

So that is my list. I hope you liked it and stay tune for more. Bye :).

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  1. Just discovered your blog as we are expecting our 3rd child (not until June 2013 so we have 7 months to go still!). So I just did my first google search for help on finding a 3rd Chicago Cubs type name. Our son is Tyler Clark (Tyler nothing to do with the husband liked it which in turn let me keep Clark as the middle name which sets up:); our daughter is Ivy Addison. Middle names = Clark & Addison! So now wondering how do I tie in this 3rd baby?!

    1. That's a great theme! Would you like me to help you? If so email me at renanneliesedavidson@gmail and I can help you.



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