Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MLB Series: Chicago White Sox

I have another blog in the MLB Series for you. this time it is going to be the Chicago White Sox. Let’s get started.
  1. Dayan- This name is for Dayan Viviedo. He is number 24, an outfielder and 23 years old. Dayan means the judge in Hebrew. I like this name and the nickname Day.
  2. Alexei- This name is for Alexei Ramirez. He is number 10, an infielder and 31 years old. Alexei means defender in Russian. I like this name because you can use the nickname Alex without using Alexander.
  3. Eduardo- This name is for Eduardo Escobar. He is number 38, and infielder and 23 years old. Eduardo means wealthy guardian in Spanish. I like this name and the way it sounds.
  4. Hector- This name is for Hector Santiago.  He is number 53, a pitcher and 25 years old. Hector means anchor, steadfast in Greek. This name is alright.
  5. Alejandro- This name is for Alejandro De Aza. He is number 30, an outfielder and 28 years old. Alejandro means defender of the people in Spanish.  I like this name but it reminds me of a girl.
  6. Thornton- This name is for Matt Thornton. He is number 37, a pitcher and 36 years old. Thornton means from the thorny town in English. I love this name.
  7. Beckham- This name is for Gordon Beckham. He is number 15, an infielder and 26 years old. Beckham means from the Beck Homestead in English. I like this name and the nickname Beck.

  1. Addison- This name is for Addison Reed. He is number 43, a pitcher and 24 years old. Addison means child of Adam in English. I like this name but it is too popular for me.
  2. Lillibridge- This name is for Brent Lillibridge. He is number 18, an outfielder and 29 years old. I couldn’t find the meaning of Lillibridge. I like this name because it has Lily in it.

So that is my list. I hope you like it and stay tuned for more. Bye :).

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