Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MLB Series: Cincinnati Reds

This blog is going to be another one in the MLB series. Today’s time is going to be the Cincinnati Reds. Let’s get started.
  1. Bronson- This name is for Bronson Arroyo. He is number 61, a pitcher and 35 years old. Bronson means from Branson in English. I like this name because it ends in son.
  2. Bray- This name is for Bill Bray. He is number 45, a pitcher and 29 years old. Bray means Brick layer in English. I love this name. it is a mix between Ray and Brayden.
  3.  Frazer- This name is for Todd Frazer. He is number 21, an infielder and 26 years old. Frazer is a Scottish name and the meaning is unknown. I love the edge this name has. It is so cool.
  4. Rolen- This name is for Scott Rolen. He is number 27, an infielder and 37 years old. Rolen means renowned in the land in English. I love the feel that this name has. It is so cool.
  5. Votto- This name is for Joey Votto. He is number 19, an infielder and 29 years old. I couldn’t find what Votto means. I like this name because it is so close to Otto.
  6. Aroldis- This name is for Aroldis Chapman. He is number 54, a pitcher and 24 years old. I couldn’t find out what Ardonis means. I like how different this name is.

  1. Hanigan- This name is for Ryan Hanigan. Nhe is number 29, a catcher, and 32 years old. I couldn’t find what Hanigan means. I love this name because it is kind of a cross between Hannah and Madigan. I love the sound of it.
  2. Logan- This name is for Logan Ondrusek. He is number 66, a pitcher and 27 years old. Logan means from the hollow in Irish. I like this name but can’t make up my mind on whether or not I like it more on a girl or a boy.

So that is my list. I hope you like it. Stay tuned for more. Bye for now.

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