Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Names

Hey guys! So with the election being tomorrow I thought that I would make a post about all of the names of President Obama’s kids and Mitt Romney’s kids and grandkids. President Obama’s kid’s names were very easy to find and so were Mitt Romney’s kid’s names but Mitt Romney’s grandkids were hard to find. I did a ton of research on the names and spent a ton of time on them. If you are wondering if I am voting, I’m not because I don’t turn 18 until May. I am very mad because I really want to vote! Also I’m not doing this post tomorrow because tomorrow starts my week of blog anniversary post! I am so excited because these are going to be special post! Anyway let’s get started.

Mitt Romney’s full name is actually Willard Mitt Romney. Willard means strong desire in English. Mitt is a nickname of Milton, which means settlement in the mill in English. Mitt is married to Ann, whose full name is Ann Louis Davies. Ann means God has favored me in Hebrew. Louis means famous warrior in French and German. Together they have 5 sons and 18 grandchildren. 

Taggart is their first son. Taggart means son of the priest in Irish. He married Jennifer, which means white wave in Cornish. Together they have 6 kids. I was able to find 5 out of 6 of the kids’ names. There oldest is Allie, and then they have Joe, another child whose name could possibly be Thomas, Jonathan, and last twins name David Mitt and William Ryder

Matthew is the second oldest. Matthew means gift of God in English. He married Laurie, who means the bay or laurel plant in Latin, They have 4 kids named Chloe and Nick (twins), Mia and Nate

Joshua is the middle son. Joshua means the Lord is my salvation in Hebrew. He married Jen, whose name means white wave in Cornish. They have either 4 or 5 kids. Their names were not said. 

Benjamin is the second youngest in the family. Benjamin means son of the right hand; son of the south; son of my old age in Hebrew. He married Andelyne. I did try to find some information on the name Andelyne but there was nothing on it. They are said to have a daughter but the name wasn’t mentioned. 

Craig is the youngest son. Craig means rock, rocky in Irish and Gaelic. He married Mary, whose name means of the sea or bitter in Hebrew. They have 2 sons named Parker and Miles

While I was doing my research I did find names of Mitt Romney’s grandkids but not who they belonged to. He has grandkids named Wyatt, Sawyer (boy), Owen, Grace and Nash.  If you are counting the names than you can see that I have only named 17 grandkids. I couldn’t find the 18th grandkid’s name.

I also did research on Paul Ryan, his wife and their kids’ names. Paul means small in Latin. He is married to Janna, whose name means God is gracious in Hebrew. Together they have 3 kids, Elizabeth “Liza”, Charles “Charlie”, and Samuel “Sam”.

Barak means blessed in African. He is married to Michelle, whose name means who resembles God in French and Hebrew. Together they have 2 daughters Malia Ann and Natasha “Sasha”.

I also did research on Vice President Joe Biden. Biden’s full name is Joseph Robinette Biden, Sr. Joseph means God will increase in Hebrew. Joe was first married to Neilla, whose name means champion; closing, locking in Gaelic and Hebrew, before she died in a car accident. Together they had Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III, Ashley Blazer Biden, and Naomi Christina Biden. Joe married Jill, whose name means youthful in Latin, sometime after the accident. They had a son named Robert Hunter “Hunter” Biden. 

Beau married Hallie, whose name means praise the Lord in English. They have 2 kids named Natalie and Hunter

Ashley married Howard David Krein and they have no kids yet. Howard means noble watchman in English. 

Hunter married Kathleen, whose name means pure in Irish. They have 3 daughters named Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy. 

Naomi passed away when she was a young child.

So they are all of the names. I wasn’t sure how to set it up but I hope this was okay to read. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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  1. Joe Biden has quite a few interesting names in his family. I really like how his two sons have tradtional names but go by fun, modern nicknames.

    1. I would his name choices very interesting! The nicknames caught me off guard at first but I really love them.



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