Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Naming Rules, Guide Lines, And Pet Peeves

Hey guys! So for today’s post I am going to talk about my name rules and pet peeves. I am even going to tell you the guide lines I have for naming my own future children! So let’s get started

My Naming Guide Lines
  1. The name must not be in the top 200.
  2. The name must have a nickname.
  3. One of the names (first or middle) must have meaning behind it.
  4. The name has to be easily spelt/have only one spelling. Example: no Katelynn/Catilin or Hayley/Haille
  5. I will only honor someone if they have already passed away.
  6. The middle names won’t be fillers. Example: Ann, May, Lynn, Grace, etc.

Naming Rules
If you use a unisex name, the middle name must be easily identified to a gender
   Example: Riley Elizabeth or Jordan Michael

Don’t use similar sounding names for siblings
   Example: Jada and Jayden, Brady and Grady, Mia and Leah, etc.

Don’t spell a name differently if it has a traditional spelling
   Example: Madyson instead of Madison, or Miah for Mia

Don’t reuse a name for another sibling
   Example: Elijah Makai and his brother Makai Angel

Pay attention to initials!
   Example: Sadie Alyssa Davidson, SAD

Don’t let someone change your mind about a name! If you like a name, use it!

Pet Peeves
  1. Parents who reuse names!
  2. Siblings that have the same middle name!
  3. Parents who spell names uniquely!
  4. Parents who pick names for siblings that are completely different! Example: Sarah and Jayden
  5. Parents who don’t give their babies middle names!
  6. Parents who pick a name theme that is very noticeable! Example: Rose, Lily, and Violet

I tried to remember all of my naming guide lines, rules and pet peeves but you know how it is when you have to think of something on the spot and you can never think of it. What are your naming guide lines, rules and pet peeves? Tell me below. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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  1. Yes, I agree with all of these. I also don't like when parents pick a name without actually researching it, or just assuming the first meaning they find is true. And when they insist on pronouncing a name completely different than how it's spelled or actually said. Oh, and made up names.

    1. I didn't think of when they pronounce a name a different way than how it is said or spelled. I agree with that! Made-up names are stupid too.

  2. I agree with a lot of yours =)

    My naming guidelines:
    ~ The name has to have at least three letters (though nicknames can have less)
    ~ Generally I prefer unique names, but I'm not really strict about it.
    << Those are actually the only two I can think of XD I tend to like what I like on the gender I like it on regardless, so I don't have many guidelines.

    My naming rules
    ~ If you use a unisex name or a name on the wrong gender, the middle name needs to be obviously one gender or another
    << E.g. Quinn Jasper works, Quinn Jordan does not
    ~ Don't use rhymey sibling names and names that are two variations of the same name
    << E.g. Don’t use Sky and Kai or Alexander and Alexandra for siblings
    ~ Keep to the traditional spellings whenever possible (especially for foreign names)
    << E.g. Ciara NOT Keira, Sean NOT Shawn
    ~ Don’t change spellings when using a name on the “wrong” gender unless there are two or more legitimate spellings
    << E.g. Kai (b) becoming Cai (g) is fine, Emerson (b) becoming Emersyn is not
    ~ Don’t reuse a name or a name’s variation for another sibling
    << E.g. Don’t name one girl Winter Everlie and another Saskia Winter, and don’t name one boy Leonardo Dante and another Zephaniah Leo
    ~ I definitely agree with your last one: “Don’t let someone change your mind about a name! If you like a name, use it!” I would also add—Don’t let anyone tell you want names you can and cannot like, and what you can and cannot use.

    My pet peeves
    ~ Parents who spell names reaaaaaaally uniquely
    << E.g. If it's as simple as Hailey becoming Hayley I can live with it. If it's more like Hailey becoming Haeyliiey then it's a pet peeve for me.
    ~ People who make it their business to tell everyone else what they can and cannot name their kids.
    ~ People who give all of their kids names beginning with the same letter
    << E.g. Sean, Seth, Sophia, Sadie, and Skylar


    1. I agree with you! You made some points that I didn't think of before, like don't use a variation of a name you already used. You have some great guidelines and rules.



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