Friday, November 9, 2012

My Top 10 Girl Names

Hey guys! So I have my top 10 girl names for you today. We are getting closer to the day I started this blog! Monday is the one year!!! Anyway for the girl list it was really hard for me to come up with names. The first 7 names are probably set in stone. The other 3 kind of change. I do love these names. So let’s get started.
  1. Olivette- Olivette means olive tree in Latin. Olivette use to be my number 2 name and my number 2 name use to be my number 1 name but I changed them. I like the name Olivia but it is too popular for me so that’s where Olivette came in. I love the nickname Olive for it!
  2. Athena- Athena means wise in Greek. I use to have this as my number one name but that changed because I started to like Olivette more. The meaning of Athena is great! That’s something that matters to me. The nickname I would use would be Thena. Also the combo I have for this name is Athena Love.
  3. Reed- Reed means red-haired in English. I know this is a boy name but I love it on a girl. I do prefer it as a nickname but I haven’t found any names that I love to use it as a nickname for. I only like this spelling too.
  4. Mack- Mack means son of in Gaelic. I know another boy name but I would only use this one as a nickname as with Reed I might use it on its own. I don’t like the names Mackenzie, Makenna, Makayla, or Mckinley so I couldn’t use Mack as a nickname. I do like Maclean, McKay, McKeltie, McClain, Maclynn, Macrae, Mckelina, and McCoy.
  5. Philomena- Philomena means powerful love in Greek. I love the name Philomena with the nickname Mena or Pippa. It’s another name that I find grand and strong and very powerful. I heard this name on formspring and hated it at first but now I love it.
  6. Holland- Holland means ridge land in English. Holland is the only place name I have in my top 20 or so. I like place names but not enough to put them on my list.  The only problem I have with this name is that I don’t like the nickname Holly.
  7. Juniper- Juniper means juniper bush in Latin. I love the sound of this name. The p sounds so nice and strong in the name. Also, I love the nickname June for it or Junie. To me Juniper sounds so summery and girly.
  8. Magnolia- Magnolia means Magnol’s flower in Latin. Magnolia is my favorite flower name. I love the sound of it and the spelling. There is actually a street in the place that I go on vacation to every year that is named Magnolia and there is another that is named Juniper! As for nicknames I like Maggie, Nola, and Nolie.
  9. Anaxandra- Anaxandra is a Greek name but I don’t know the meaning. I love names with x in them. I first found this name while doing research on Greek name and was like I love this name! it is a great alternative to Alexandra and Anna. I would use the nicknames Anax or Xander (said like Zander).
  10. Sailor- Sailor means boat man in American. I’m not sure how I feel in love with this name or where I first saw it but I love this name. It use to be on my guilty pleasure list but I moved it to my regular list because I love it so much. If I really think about it I don’t think I would use it only because I won’t have 10 girls. The nickname I would use would probably be Sail or Sally.

So that is my list I know must people won’t like them but I truly love them. they make me who I am and what I like. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I hope you liked this and bye for now :). 

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  1. ~ Olivette << This one's kinda cute, but I much prefer Olivia <3 The popularity doesn't bother me a whole lot, especially since it's not at all popular in my area.

    ~ Reed << I hadn't tried to picture this name on a girl before, but now that I have I actually really like it =D (I tend to like names on the "wrong" gender a lot -- boys names on girls and girls names on boys appeal to me for some reason ^.^) Would you mind if I stole this one? If you would, that's totally fine -- I won't be upset or anything =)

    Mack << I'm not super fond of Mack on either gender, though I suppose it's alright. The funny thing is though, I don't like any "Mack-" or "McK-" names I've seen except Mackenzie on a boy, but when you mentioned McKeltie I realized I like it! I can't figure out why ^.^ Would you mind if I stole that one too? =)

    ~ Philomena << This one's alright, but not quite my thing. I first heard it on FS too (@HelenaKoonings ;D)

    ~ Holland << I keep falling in and out of love with this name XD For a while I'll LOVE it, and then I'll decide to remove it from my list. Finally I just added it to my favorite list (below my top favorites list) so I probably won't use it. I don't mind the nickname Holly but I don't LOVE it either.

    ~ Juniper << This name's kinda cute, but I never loved it enough to add it to my top favorites list.

    ~ Magnolia << This one's not quite my style, but it's an alright name.

    ~ Anaxandra << I LOVE this one! =D It's soooooo COOL! I hadn't heard it until I read this post. I love the sound of it and how unique it is! Plus, it's close to the "Alex-" names and I looooooooove "Alex-" names =D Would you be terribly upset if I stole it? It's alright if you don't want me to =)

    ~ Sailor << For some reason I've never loved this name on a girl (though it's one of my GP boys names ^.^). However, it's starting to grow on me as a girls name =)

    Here's my top 10 girls names:
    1) Betony Alora [BET-nee]
    2) Averell Romy (Avie) [ĂV-er-ehl]
    3) Circe Etenia (Cirs) [SUR-see; eh-TEHN-yǝ]
    4) Winter Everlie
    5) Phoenix Howella (Pheo) [how-EHL-ǝ]
    6) Lachlan Ileana (Lach) [ee-lay-AH-nah]
    7) Rowan Tara (Red)
    8) Roanna Primrose (Roa) [roh-ĂN-ǝ]
    9) Skylark Linnéa (Skye or Lark) [lin-AY-ǝ]
    10) Cleo Danielle


    1. I wouldn't mind at all if you stole Reed!

      You can steal McKeltie too!

      I think I heard Philomena from HelenaKoonings too! I couldn't remember who I heard it from. ;P.

      I have that same problem with some of my names too! Some times i like them and sometimes I don't.

      I wouldn't be mad at all! Go ahead and steal it! I think Anaxandra could appeal to many more people too.

      It's funny the names that grow on you :).

      I love your names!!! Especially Betony Alora, Averell Romy, Circe Ethenia, Skylark, and Cleo.



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