Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Top 10 Boy Names

Hey guys! We are in the middle of my week of Blog Anniversary posts and today I have my top 10 boy names. I realized that I have never done a top ten list and that’s probably because I never had a top 10 until a couple of months ago. At this moment my top 10 is kind of under construction but I do have the list for you. it was easier to do the boy names because my favorite boy names hardly change. I’ll tell you the name, meaning, origin and a little about why I like it. So let’s get started.
  1. Theodore- Theodore means divine gift in Greek. Theodore has been my top boy name for months now. I love the way it sounds and that it isn’t too popular or too unpopular. I also love the nickname Theo. I do have a few combos for the name Theodore and they are Theodore Landon, and Theodore Vincent.
  2. Amadeus- Amadeus means God’s love in Latin. I’m not sure where I first here this name but some friends I have, have a friend named Amadeus and they always talked about him. I love the nickname Deus or even Day. It sounds so exotic and cool.
  3. Thaddeus- Thaddeus means praise in Greek. Not sure where I here this name either but I really like it. It sounds exotic and manly. I can picture it on a baby or on an adult. For this name I have the nickname Thadd.
  4. Atlas- Atlas means support, prop in Greek. I first here the name Atlas in the book The Atlas of Love by Laurie Frankel and I fell in love with it. Ever since I read that book I have loved the name. For Atlas I don’t have a nickname but if you have one let me know.
  5. Vincenzo- Vincenzo means prevailing in Latin. I first heard the name Vincenzo on Tumblr. It was the boyfriend of a girl I followed on tumblr and she talked a lot about him. They are no getting married and have 2 kids. I also like the name Vincent but it is too popular, I have too many in my family, and I had a bad association with a Vincent to use it. As for nicknames I like Vince, Cenzo or Enzo.
  6. Lorenzo- Lorenzo means man from Laurentum in Latin and Italian. I loved this name long before Snooki named her baby this. I even loved the nickname Enzo for it. The usable factor for me has gone down because of that but I still like the name and I still would use it.
  7. Atticus- Atticus means from Athens in Latin. I never read To Kill a Mocking Bird so I never heard of the name Atticus and it didn’t make me think any differently about it. I’m not positive where I heard this name but I do know that when I first here it I feel in love. I don’t have a nickname for Atticus beside Atty but that’s too girly for me.
  8. Ambrose- Ambrose means immortal in Greek. I first heard this name on Amelia’s videos. I fell in love and have loved it ever since. I think it is a very strong name and has a very nice ring to it. As for a nickname I kind of like Brose or Bro.
  9. Ezra- Ezra means helper in Hebrew. I hated the name Ezra! So many people on formspring loved it and were always asking questions about it that I think I feel in love with it. No I like it but not enough for it to be in my top 5. I think Ezzy would be a cute nickname.
  10. Francisco- Francisco means from France in Latin. Francesca use to be one of my favorite names but I don’t love it any more. I think that is why I liked Francisco. I don’t like the nicknames Fran or Frank but Cisco is kind of cute.

So that is all of my top 10 names. I seem to like a lot of Greek names and that goes for girl names as feel. I think in general Greek names are very strong and grand sounding names. If you want to see the girl list come back tomorrow. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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  1. I keep telling my brother that Atticus and Atlas would be fantastic names for his bubba, but he just doesn't get them. I think they're great - such strong names.

    1. They would! Yes, they are very strong names!

  2. ~ Theodore << I really like this name (which is odd because it's not really my style) but I prefer Theon or just Theo <3

    ~ Amadeus << I really like this name =D It's so strong and intriguing =) Day is a WAY cool nickname for it!

    ~ Thaddeus << I'm not super fond of this one, but I wouldn't say I dislike it either.

    ~ Atlas << I loooooove this name <3 It's a GP name for me, but I really do love it =D The only nickname I can think of is Atty XD I like Atty on a boy (probably because I tend to like names on the "wrong" gender anyway) but as you said it is kinda girly ^.^

    ~ Vincenzo << I'm not fond of this one -- it's not really my thing. I like it much better than Vincent though >.< I actually can't think of any "V" boys names I like XD Well, except for maybe Wolfgang which I pronounce with a "V" sound (I say it the German way [VOHLF-gahng]).

    ~ Lorenzo << I've never really liked this name. It's just not my thing.

    ~ Atticus << I used to reaaaaaaally dislike this name, and now it's just not my favorite. It's alright I suppose, but I don't love it.

    ~ Ambrose << Very cool! It's so unique and intriguing, much like Amadeus. I like it =D

    ~ Ezra << I don't like this one much at all. It's not my style, and is more of a soft boys name in my opinion (kind of like Elliot, which I prefer on a girl). I tend to prefer strong, bold, dark boys names. Most soft boys names that I like end up on my girls list ^.^

    ~ Francisco << This name's not my favorite style at ALL >.< It's better than Francis (which is in my top 10 most disliked boys names of all time) but I still don't love it.

    Here's my top 10 boys names:
    1) Danny James
    2) Storm Alexander
    3) Jakob Tyler (Jake)
    4) Sky Caspian
    5) Leonardo Dante (Leo)
    6) Falcon Nathaniel (Fal)
    7) Emrys Adeon [EHM-rihs; ah-DAY-ohn]
    8) Gethin Zachariah (Geth)
    9) Howell Gwydderig [HOW-ehl; gwih-THAYR-ihk]
    10) Fallon August (Fal)


    1. I never thought of the nickname Theon. I kind of really like it!

      Day IS so cool! You defiantly don't hear any Day's walking around these days! haha

      Atlas was a GP name for me but after reading the book I just fell in love with it as a regular name instead of a GP anme.

      I like Wolfgang pronounced with a V. It sounds cooler! lol :)

      There are some names that I disliked so much but now I can tolerate them.

      Some of my names have the same feel to them. Like Amadeus and Ambrose.

      With Ezra, I always thought of it as a girly name because of the a. I'm afraid someone would think it is a girl name because of the a.

      I am loving some of your boy names, like Emrys Adeon, Leonardo Dante, Gethin Zachariah, and Storm Alexander.



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