Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Exciting Name News

I'm so excited to introduce to you The Name Sisters!!

We are a group of 7 name loving girls from 2 countries, 5 time zones, across 2 oceans. Once a month we host a live name show similar to The View. On the show we answer questions and talk about names. You can get a feel as to how the shows will go by watching out first episode on youtube.

Like I said I'm just one of 7 girls in this sisterhood. You may be familiar with some of the sisters, especially if you are in the name community. All of us have youtube channels and blog. Let me introduce you to them.

Alexia Mae
Alexia Mae is the brains behind the whole idea and I know that I couldn't be more thankful for all the work she has done. She brought us all together and keeps us on track because we all know how chatty girls can get! If you watch youtube, than you know that Alexia Mae specializes in biblical names. I actually featured her on my blog a little while back. She also has a little boy named Judah.
Alexia Mae's Youtube,  Blog, and Name Instagram 

Kristen is our unisex name lover. She's opinionated but in the nice way. When I really want to know the good and bad aspects of a name I can go to her and she will tell me how it is. I love hearing all the new and different names she brings to the table. Kristen is a joker and very silly. I'm constantly laughing at the things she says and does.

Amelia has been making youtube videos for a few years now. In almost every single one of her videos I learn a new name and I like that. Her naming style is very grand. I can just see her with little princes and princesses running around with names like Octavia and Caspian. She's such a sweet girl with an amazing creative side. Believe it or not she can be very funny and silly too.

Alena has a very sarcastic but funny personality. She's constantly joking around and making the whole group laugh. Just like Alexia Mae she too love biblical names. Alena is very dedicated to her family. Right now she is fostering three sweet children. I've gotten to know her more over the last few weeks and I've really gotten the say she's a great person and has moral I would love to have when I become a little bit older.
Alena's Youtube 

Rebe is mom to Callum and expecting a little girl in a few months. In our group, she's the hipster from her personality to her naming style. She really brings life to this group with her spunky and bright personality. I just love hearing what names she is looking at and I can't wait to see what she names the new baby.

Meagan is someone I have just recently gotten to meet and know. I have to say I love her already. She is darling and very warmhearted. Not only is she darling but she's also very dedicated to her youtube channel. I love watching her videos. As for her naming style she really has a classical feel.
 Meagan's Youtube and Blog

Our personalities and naming styles work perfectly together. We balance each other out and really cover all bases. I love this group of girls and can't with to have amazing shows with them.

Don't forget to tune in for our live show this sunday, July 6, at 5:30pm EST. Just go to our youtube channel to watch it. Also ask us questions on our twitter so we can answer them in the show! If you can't make the live show don't worry we will be recording it and publishing it to our youtube.


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