Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lucia, Carina, Isabetta and Adelina

Rob Mariano, a Survivor alum, just recently welcomed his forth daughter. The sibling set is just so cute and I love all of there names. You might too.

All Four Girls

Lucia Rose
Lucia is Rob and wife Amber's first daughter. I think Lucia is so precious. It has a very cute and grand feel to it. Lucy is one of my favorite nickname and would work great for Lucia. Although I'm not sure if they use Lucy as a nickname. Rose is a little too filtered for me but with Lucia is is okay. The combo as a whole feels pretty and girly feel.

Carina Rose
Carina is the second daughter and yes she has the same middle name as Lucia. You will notice a pattern with the middle names. Carina is a very pretty name. It's not very popular but I would love to see it rise in popularity. More Carina's need to be running around. I also like the spelling Karina but I feel like the C spelling fits the sibset better.

Isabetta Rose
The third daughter to Rob and Amber is Isabetta. Isabetta is like a play on the very popular name Isabella. I much prefer Isabetta for a few reasons. Besides it being less popular, it has the nicknames Isa, Betty, Etta, Betta, and Etty. Etta is one of my favorite nicknames for a girl and Isabetta has that. You could also use it to honor a Elizabeth.

Adelina Rose
Adelina is the little girl that Rob and Amber just welcomed. I really liked the name Adelina as well. I know Adelyn and Addison are both popular names but Adelina really isn't. The nickname Addy is cute but I don't like it all that much. It sounds a little overused and to me it doesn't stand up to the name Adelina.

All together the names are beautiful and flow nicely together. I do wish they had different middle names. Using Rose so many times can get really boring.

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