Tuesday, August 19, 2014

England and Wale's Popular Names

The most popular names in England list came out a few days ago and I couldn't help take a look. I do have to say I much prefer the top 100 names in England than I do the American list. I'm going to do a little analysis of the names.

The top names in England and Wales are Oliver and Amelia. In America, Oliver was ranked at #52 and Amelia was ranked at #17. Both of these names are really fun names and I liked them a lot. Oliver has the fun nickname Ollie and Amelia has the popular nicknames Mia and Milly. I feel like Milly is a really popular and English name.

In America the top names are Noah and Sophia. Noah was ranked at #13 and Sophia was ranked at #15. Sophie is more popular in England and Wales than Sophia but than again I feel like Sophie is more English feeling. Noah and Sophia are names I can see being popular in both countries where as Oliver and Amelia I see being more popular in England and Wales. The list just prove that.

I went through the top 100 list and picked my 10 favorite boy ahems and 10 favorite girl names. The list overall surprised me.

England and Wales: #2
America: #40
Jack is such a classic old man name. It is a popular nickname for Jackson a more American name possibly because of President Jackson.

England and Wales: #7
America: #178
Oscar is such a sweet vintage name! I love it and would love it to gain more polarity in America. I do think of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.

England and Wales: #16
America: N/A
Archie is another vintage, old man name. It makes a nice nickname and not surprisingly ins't even ranked in the US.

England and Wales: #36
America: #161
Harrison is a name that has been gaining popular slowly in America and hasn't move much in England. I think it is a nice name and you can get the vintage, classic nickname Harry.

England and Wales: 38
America: 45
Sebastian is a grand name that I love. It does remind me of the crab from Little Mermaid but that could just be because I'm on a Disney kick lately. Bash is a cute nickname too.

England and Wales: #45
America: #550
Toby may make some people think of a dog because its a pretty popular dog name but I think it's cute on a little boy. I like it as a nickname for Tobias.

England and Wales: #58
America: N/A
Jenson is a cool name. I like it a lot and love that it's not popular in the US. I think more people have heard of it because of the actor Jenson Ackles.

England and Wales: #63
America: #380
The first ting I think of when I hear Dexter is the tv show. I still really like the name and I think the x gives it an edge.

England and Wales: #64
America: #199
I love Kai and it just reminds me of Hawaii and the beach and all things summery. I have been loving it even more lately and am thinking of adding it to my list.

England and Wales: #72
America: #162
Jude is a sweet name that reminds me of the Beatles even though I'm not a huge fan of them. I like Jude as a nickname for Judah.

England and Wales: #5
America: #167
Isla is a short and sweet name. That just screams a little girl with pigtails and Mary Janes. It is definitely more English than it is American.

England and Wales: #7
America: N/A
I love Poppy as a nickname and even as a full name. I think its sweet and edgy and even a little modern. The first thing I think of is Poppy Lifton from Gossip Girl.

England and Wales: #14
America: #559
Evie makes the cutest nickname ever! It has some pretty great first name options like Evelyn and Everly.

England and Wales: #20
America: #908
This is the first year that Freya was in the top 1000 names for the US but in England and Wales it has been in the top 100 for a few years. I think Freya is a fun, mythological name.

England and Wales: #23
America: 198
Daisy is so sweet and girly. It has a nice airy feel to it and is a beautiful flower name.

England and Wales: #25
America: #598
I love Millie as a nickname. Millie has a vintage feeling and a little bit of a modern feeling depending on what full name you use with it if you use one at all. For me, Millie is like the ultimate English name.

England and Wales: #29
America: N/A
I'm a nursing student so the first thing I think of when I see Florence is the Florence Nightingale, the first nurse. Call me crazy but I would love to use Florence or another form of it as a middle name because of her.

England and Wales: #41
America: N/A
Maisie is a fun, quirky name. It surprises me how popular it is in England and Wales and how unpopular it is in America. I feel like it is more of an American name.

England and Wales: #47
America: #395
I love Elsie! I know an old lady with this name and she was so sweet. I think it ages well and has a very old lady chic feel. It'd make a great nickname for Elizabeth/Elisabeth.

England and Wales: #58
America: #929
Esme is such a princess-y name. I know a lot of people think of Twilight but I feel like Twilight is losing popularity and people won't think of that when they hear Elsie.

I had fun looking at this list and seeing how nice England names are. Look for more post on the blog in the near future!



  1. You spelled Jensen Ackles' name wrong.

    1. Thanks for telling me! I went back and fixed it



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