Thursday, April 6, 2017

Charlie: The Nickname

I am a lover of nicknames that I chalk up to not having one growing up. When I am making my top 10 list I am always looking to see what nicknames can be used for my favorite names. Other times I find a nickname I like but can't find a full name that I like just as much causing me to go on a search.

Today's nickname is Charlie, a unisex nickname. In 2015 it was ranked at #229 for boys and #207 for girls. There isn't a very big gap there! My dad's name is Charles so I think it would be fun to honor him using one of these full names for Charlie. 

Charles- The obvious choice for a full name for Charlie would be Charles. It's a classic that is ranked in the top 50 for 2015. 

Charleston- Charleston is my favorite from the list and is a middle name in my top 10. If you want a place name Charleston is the way to go. 

Carlisle- If there are any Twilight fans out there you will recognize this name from the series. Its also a surname and has a very British feel to it. 

Charlot- This french nickname for Charles is pronounced Shar-low. I think it looks so cool and different. 

Charlton- Pronounced karl-tin this name is a great surname and place name with he nickname Charlie. 

Carmichael- Now Carmichael is not a name you would think of right away as a dull name for Charlie but I really like it. It can honor a Michael as well as use a nickname you like. 

Carl- If Carl feels too old for you why not try using the nickname Charlie for it. If you are a Shameless fan than this name might remind you of the character. 

Carlson- Like Carl, Carlson can rock the nickname Charlie with no problems!

Charlotte- I would like to believe that many of the girl Charlie's out there who don't have the nickname on their birth certificate have the full name Charlotte. The name just jumped into he top 10 in 2014 and moved up to #9 in 2015. Will the name keep rising?

Charlize- Charlize is a feminine form of Charles and can be associated with the actress Charlize Theron. The Z towards the end gives it a little pizazz. 

Charla- Charla is pronounced Shar-luh and was ranked really low on the top 1000 charts from he 1940s up until the 1950s.

Charlene- Another Charlie full name that was popular in the 40s and 50s was Charlene. It goes along with the name trends like Marlene and Darlene. 

Charlotta- This Swedish variant of Charlotte is great if you want something less popular than Charlotte. 

Caroline/Carolina- One is a sweet vintage name and one is a place name but both names can use the nickname Charlie. 

Charmaine- I just love saying Charmaine over and over again. It sounds so exotic to my ears. I think Charlie gives it a home-y vibe. 

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