Sunday, April 16, 2017

62 Easter Inspired Names

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! I am spending the day with my family enjoying their company. Below I have a list of Easter inspired names. I went back and forth about making a post about Easter names. In past years I have written a few posts on the subject but I ultimately decided to do a quick list. If you are taking a little time to relax today and want some quick name reading this is just for you!

Easter Specific Names

  1. Pascale- Feminien Form of Pascal; French
  2. Pascaline- Feminine Form of Pascal; French
  3. Nedelya- Sunday; Bulgarian 
  4. Esi- Born on Sunday; Akan 
  5. Pascal- Relating to Easter; French
  6. Pasco- Form of Pascal; Cornish
  7. Pasqualino- Form of Pascal; Italian 
  8. Sunday- Sunday; English

Religious Names

  1. Mary- Sea or Bitter; Hebrew 
  2. Veronica- Bringing Victory; Greek 
  3. Anastasia- Resurrection; Greek 
  4. Faith- Faith; English
  5. Salome- Peace; Hebrew (Went to Jesus Tomb)
  6. Joanna- Yahweh is Gracious; English 
  7. James- Supplanter; Hebrew 
  8. John- Yahweh is Gracious; Hebrew 
  9. Peter- Stone; Greek
  10. Simon- He Has Heard; Hebrew 

Meaning Beginning, New Life

  1. Viva- Alive; Latin 
  2. Enid- Life, Spirit; Welsh
  3. Zoe- Life; Greek
  4. Asha- Life; Swahili 
  5. Aisha- Alive; Arabic
  6. Vivian- Alive; Latin
  7. Genesis- Beginning, Birth in Greek 
  8. Vitus- Life; Italian
  9. Anthanasios- Life; Greek
  10. Haim- Life; Hebrew 

Lamb, Bunny

  1. Agnes- Lamb; Latin 
  2. Janja- Croatian and Serbian form of Agnes
  3. Oanez- Breton form of Agnes
  4. Una- Lamb; Irish
  5. Bunny- Diminutive of Berenice (Bringing Victory); English
  6. Cecily- Blind; English (Beatrix Potter Character) 
  7. Cordero- Lamb; Spanish
  8. Hamal- Lamb; Arabic 
  9. Oan- Lamb; Breton
  10. Kreios- Ram; Male Sheep, Greek 
  11. Shepherd- Sheep Herder; English 
  12. Arledge- Dweller at the Rabbit Lake; English 
  13. Benjamin- Son of the South or Son of the Right Hand; Hebrew (Character from Beatrix Potter) 

Candy, Eggs

  1. Milton- Mill Town in English. For Milton Hershey who founded the candy company
  2. Cadbury- Cadbury eggs
  3. Bezai- Egg; Hebrew 
  4. Ruth- Friend, Companion in Hebrew. Baby Ruth candy bars
  5. Ova- Egg; Latin 
  6. Candy- Diminutive to Candace (Queen Mother); English 
  7. Kit- Nickname for Katherine or Christopher. For the Kit Kat bar
  8. Hunter- Hunter; English 
  9. Hunt- Variant of Hunter; English 

Miscellaneous Names

  1. Evangeline- Good News; Greek 
  2. Lina- Palm Tree, Tender; Arabic
  3. Tamar- Palm Tree; Hebrew 
  4. Lily- Lily; English 
  5. Susanna- Lily; Greek
  6. Cruz- Cross; Spanish 
  7. Stavros- Cross; Greek 
  8. Derel- Palm Tree; Hebrew 
  9. Palmiro- Pilgrim, Palm Tree; Italian 
  10. Tomer- Plam Tree; Hebrew 
  11. Palmer- Pilgrim, Palm Tree; English, Latin 
  12. Ash- Short Form of Asher or Ashley; English (For Ash Wednesday) 

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