Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2016 List Predictions {New to Top 1000}

The 2016 top names should be coming out in about a month and I am just so excited for it! Who else is excited?! The new list is like the christmas for namers. We wait months for it to come out and than spend months looking over the list and analyzing it. To keep myself busy while I wait I have been trying to predict some of the changes in the list. Now I am not the best at predicting things and looking at trends I was a little hesitant to do this. I figured I would take the leap and go for it because whats the worst that could happen.The first set of names I am looking at are names that I think will enter the top 1000. I stuck to names that I seemed to be hearing a lot as well as names right on the verge of the top 1000 in 2015.

Fox- Animal names seem to be all the rage lately and Fox is one of them that I notice people talking about. Now the name was given to 193 babies in 2015, which is up from 164 from 2014 and 150 from 2013. I am seeing a climb in the name but a slow one. The animal name trend might be too late into 2016. I still think Fox could still in the 900s in 2016. 

Harris- Harris sounds so similar to Harry and Harrison and follows the trend of S endings. It also has a old man which feel to it and I am seeing old man chic names coming back into style. In 2015 The name was given to 202 babies and was just outside of the top 1000 by 2 names! The #1000 boy name, Antoine, was given to 202 babies as well and the only reason it made the list was because it began with an A. 

Simeon- In 2015, Simeon was given to 201 babies, so not far off from the top 1000 either. The name is biblical and a lot of the top names are biblical. It could be a nice alternative to Simon or Gideon making me see the appeal in the name. 

Kaiser- Now this name is a long shot but I have some theories here. To start it ends in -er and I know people like -er boy names. There is the also added bonus of Kai, which I know people love and have for a while. It also sounds like Tyler or Kyle. One of the reasons I put this name on the list is because Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans named her son this in 2014 and after that the name jump in popularity. It went form being given to 69 babies in 2014 to 140 in 2015. I am wondering if the name will keep climbing. 

Mavis- Mavis is one of the names on the list can go either way. I am hoping it moves into the top 1000 because its a great name but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. Like Harris, Mavis ends in the S ending the people seem to like. Besides the ending I think people who like Mae like Mavis and it could draw people to use the name. It was just shy of the top 1000 and was #1012. 

India- I am extremely surprised India is not in the top 1000 and that is the main reason the name is on the list. There has been talk about this name for what seems like forever and I can name babies that were born wearing the name in the past year. The name was given to 258 babies in 2013 but than dropped to 226 babies in 2014. In 2015 it was back up at 261 babies making me wonder if it will keep climbing. 

Ramona- Most of the girls names on the list are names I am surprised are not in the top 1000. They are all great names that need to be used more! They are even names that are common on the ear but not used. Out of the names on this list, Ramona has had one of the slowest rises; 199 babies in 2013, 236 in 2014, and 242 in 2015. I'm hoping that Ramona is makes a big leap in 2016. 

Etta- Sweet, sweet Etta is not ranked and hasn't been since 1966! With vintage names coming back into style, I am seeing Etta getting more and more attention. In the early 1900s the name was in the top 200. Like Ramona, the name has made a slow rise but I am holding out hope she will jump to the top 1000. 

What do you think of my list? Any names you would add? Stay tune for more predictions!

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