Sunday, April 9, 2017

Name of the Week: Philanthia and Philantha

I am loving the warm weather that is coming my way. It has been some time since spring officially started but the weather is just starting to warm up. Since I haven't been able to actually experience spring I've been looking for spring inspired names. One of the names I came across was Philanthia and the very similar name Philantha.

Philanthia is a girl's name of Greek origin. You might be wondering why I pick this name as a spring name and thats because it means lover of flowers in Greek.  Pronounced Fil-ANN-thee-uh it reminds me of a few other names like Philomena, Athena, and Thea. It is believed to be a version of Philantha, a name with the same meaning and origin. If you want to the spell the name a little bite more how it sounds than Filanthia is the spelling for you.

There are many nickname options for Philanthia and one of the reasons I am drawn to the name. Phil, Philly, Thea, Anne, Anna, Annie, and Laney/Lanie just to name a few.

In Budapest, Hungary there is a flower shop bearing the name. I am wondering if they picked the name on purpose. From what I have read they like Christmas in the store as well as fairies and other whimsical things. It can be hard to find the flowers among all of the decorations. The store dates back to 1905 and many people travel just to shop there.

On my search I came across a novel with the name Philantha in it! I was so shocked that someone had noticed the name and used it. The novel is called The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal. Now I am not sure who the character is in the book. What I do know is she is not the main character. From what I read Philantha is a wizard who teaches the main character. When I have the time I would love to read the book.

I wish there was more information on Philanthia. After weeks of search I was only able to find what I wrote about today. If you have any more information let me know below.

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  1. I've never heard of Philanthia ot Philantha before. I always love coming across a name I've never heard of before. I tried to look up the name myself and there isn't that much information behind it, but I did find the name mentioned in Google Books, in the Prose Works of Sir Walter Scott so it has a literary vibe, sort of:

    There's also a flower shop called Philanthia in Skidra, Greece.



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