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2017 List Predictions {New to Top 1000}

Every May the Social Security Administration post the most popular baby names for the previous year. In the name community it is seen as our own personal Christmas. The excitement us name lovers feel is the same excitement you had as a child on Christmas Eve.

It's only March but I have already been thinking about the new list. I can't wait to get my hands on the new names and to spend hours looking over the names and their popularity. I am so fill of excitement that I have already made a list of posts I want to make (if my life allows it) when the new list comes out. Until then I decided to make some predictions about what I think may happen when he list comes out. There will be two posts, one for the new to the top 1000 and one for the new to the top 100. 

Last year I did the same kind of posts. When I made my 2016 predictions for new names to the top 1000 I picked 4 girl names and 4 boy names. Only 2 for each gender made it onto the top 1000. I've included all 4 of those names on this years list. 

Kaiser- Kaiser was on my list last year but did not make it onto the top 1000. In fact it was ranked at #1001 and short by just 1 spot! The only reason the name wasn't on the top 1000 was because of alphabetical order. The #1000 boy name for 2016 was Jonathon and was given to 202 babies. The same number of babies also received the name Kaiser. The reason I still have Kaiser on this years list is because there was a continued increase in the number of babies given the name Kaiser. In 2015 only 140 babies received that name. I think the name fits with the -er boy names as well as sounding similar to names like Tyler and Kai. 

Simeon- Simeon is the other name on this years list that was also on my list last year. I included the name again because it was so close to being in the top 1000. It ranked at #1012 and given to 199 babies just 3 less babies than the top 1000 name. Simeon is a biblical name and sounds like a fresh take on Simon. Biblical boy names are what many of the top 100 names are. You can see the appeal in an unique biblical name. 

Briar- Briar ranked at #1004 in 2016 and was actually in the top 1000 in 2015. I am not sure why it fell off the charts but I can see it making a come back. The more time that passes the older all the Brian's in the world get and I can see more parents wanting to honor them. Briar is also a lesser known nature name that means thorny plant. 

Bear- Fox is a name that moved into the top 1000 name in 2016 so why not Bear? It is both a nature name and word name. People love their nature names thats for sure. Its also a celebrity name. Past One Direction band member, Liam Payne named his son Bear Grey in March of 2017. Celebrities have had influences on names plenty of times in the past. 

Archie- America has a way of picking up names that are more popular over in Britain many years later. Archie is one of those names that I have been hoping will gain popularity. I'm adding the name to this list now because of the popular show Riverdale. If you haven't seen the show the main charter is named Archie and it is based off of the comic character. If there is one name on this list that I am iffy about making it on to the top 1000 it is Archie. 

Etta- Etta was a name that I was rooting for right before the 2016 list came out but sadly she did not make it. I am adding the name back to the list for multiple reasons. To start it had an increase in 53 from 2015 to 2016. If it makes another big leap like that this year it will definitely be in the top 1000. Etta is similar to the popular names Ella and Emma. If you have also heard of the 100 year rule than you can agree that Etta is ready for a comeback. The 100 year rule is when a name makes a comeback a 100 years after it was popular. 

India-  India was just one spot shy of the top 1000 spot in 2016 and one baby short! The funny part of this name was that in 2015 262 babies were given the name and the same amount were give the name in 2016. I am interested to see if the name increases or stays stable in this coming year. Place names are all the range so I can see the appeal in India. Plus the nickname Indie is super cute. 

Opal- Opal is similar to other much more popular gem names out there like Ruby and Pearl. Besides being a gem name it is also a vintage name. I am seeing more and more vintage names coming back. A 100 years ago the name was in the top 100, making it a perfect candidate for the 100 year rule. Numbers wise the name has had an increase of babies born with the name over the last 3 years. from 183 in 2014 to 256 in 2016. 

Elodie- With how many times I've heard the name Elodie in the last few months you would think it was already in the top 1000. The name appeals to parents because of her El- beginning. It also sounds like a princess name and that is a factor some parents like. Like I mentioned with the name Archie, Elodie is more popular in England and Wales ranking at #166. 

Florence- Some of the trends I am hoping to see in the next 5 years gaining popularity are more names from the top 100 from 100 years ago and names that the British love. Florence is one of them. In England and Wales, the name ranks at #23 and 100 years ago in 1918 the name was #14. If we take a look the numbers, Florence has had an increase in babies born: 183 in 2014 to 215 in 2015 to 247 in 2016. 

I am really excited to see how all of my names do this year. I love just about every name on this list so I wouldn't be upset if they hopped onto the top 1000 list. What are some names you are hoping make it onto the list in May? 

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