Thursday, March 1, 2018

Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Names

The other day I saw a meme about girl scout cookie season. It went a little something like this: There are 5 seasons summer, fall, winter, girls out cookies, spring. I have sadly not gotten my hands on a box of cookies and I know I need to fix that really fast! Until then I have some names for you. I was inspired to come up with baby names inspired by the different types of girl scout cookies. It is a fun and different list!

Thin Mints: Araminta, Winter, Minta

Carmel DeLites/Samoas: Cara, Carmen, Carmelita, Carmelo, Samantha, Samira, Samo, Samuel

Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs: Patty, Patsy, Thiago, Taggart

Shortbread/Trefoils: Trey, Trefor, Trenton, Trena

Do-Si-Dos/ Peanut Butter Sandwich: Dodie, Dossie, Dosia, Sia

Lemonades: Lennon, Lemont, Lemya 

Savannah Smiles: Vanna, Erendira, Susmita, Savon, Savita, Sylvester 

Thanks-a-lots: Thane, Thana, Thanos, Zendaya 

Toffee-tastic: Topher, Christof

Trios: Trey, Trinity, Trindad, Tristano, Tristan 

Smores: Herschel, Graham, Marshall

What is your favorite girl scout cookie? I personally love the Samoas. Also what names would you add to this list?

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